This Week in Prop Trading (16th November 2022)

Lux trading firm updates funding model

Lux trading firm has updated its funding model in a number of ways. They essentially switched to a two-stage model but have increased the initial funding by 10x.

The fee refund will now also be paid out after passing each phase. 50% after passing phase 1 and 50% after passing phase 2.

The profit share has also been increased from 50% to 75% across all programs.

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My Funded FX – Single-Phase Challenge

My Funded FX has launched a new funding model which offers traders a single-phase challenge. The profit target is 10% with a trailing drawdown of 6% and daily drawdown of 4%. There is no time limit to complete the challenge.

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E8 Funding

Metatrader 5 is now available for standard challenges on E8 Funding.

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Traders with Edge – Increased challenge sizes

You can now purchase their single-phase challenges, named “turtle” challenge, with accounts up to $200k. They’re drawdowns are 5% and 2.5%, overall and daily respectively. They allow up to 1 year to complete the challenge.

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The Funded Trader – $200k Payout!

One lucky trader has received a pay-out of just over $203k which was 33% profit on his $600k account. He had this to say:

“Hello Everyone. Huge Thank you to the Angelo and Team for this amazing opportunity for traders like us to make life-changing profits!!! Having 600k in capital is amazing. combined with great support, terms, spreads and broker!!!”

They are also giving away a Tesla in their latest competition, check their discord for more information.

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Funded Next

Funded next have made a few changes this week to their programs. For one they have added a 14-day extension option to their evaluation accounts. They also now offer non-consistency express accounts. Finally, they have dropped the price of their express accounts.

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Prop Traders Club – Updates

Our “FX Funding Finder” android app is currently being reviewed by google and I’m hoping it should pass and be available in the next day or two.

We also have our “Prop Trader’s Club” app in the final stages of development, and it should be ready for beta testing next week.

We have also been accepted into the Ninja trader ecosystem which brings a few benefits including the ability to offer members a discount on purchasing the platform. If anyone is interested in this feel free to get in touch and I can set it up.

Other than that, we plan on producing some in-depth reviews on the top prop firms in the industry, starting with the 5%ers which will be published in the next day or two.

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