All Current Prop Firm Promotions – June 2023

May was a fantastic month for prop firm promotions with many firms offering huge discounts to traders. So far, this…
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FTMO Update – Rule Change and Discount Code (10% Off)

FTMO rarely make updates and even less frequently offers discounts on their challenges. This week they have made a much-awaited…
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Where Can I Get an FXIFY Affiliate Code? (Answered)

FXIFY is a new and exciting prop firm offering a variety of funding models. If you want to purchase a…
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FXIFY Update- $15,000 Account Released (Discount Code Inside!)

I’ve recently had a great chat with the guys over at FXIFY. This firm looks to make a big entrance…
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Pre-Register for the Prop Club Funding Competition!

Prop Club Funding is our in-house prop firm offering traders up to $500k of funds. Our first trading competition is…
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Prop Club Funding Launch! In-house Funding Option

We have been working with some industry-leading professionals and technology providers to bring our members an in-house prop firm. Prop…
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FundedNext Prop Firm Review – Including New Stellar Challenges

Check out what FundedNext can offer traders. This review covers all the funding models and includes any active promotions.
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Does The Funded Trader Allow Expert Advisors / EAs? (Answered)

If you are an algo trader, or a trader who occasionally utilizes expert advisors, it’s important to understand any rules…
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GOAT Funded Trader Review – Prop Firm with up to 95% Pay Out Split!

GOAT Funded Trader is a new and exciting prop firm with some great features to offer prop traders. This firm…
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FundMeNow FX Giveaway!

FundMeNow FX is an innovative and exceptional prop firm which gives traders an easier access to large amounts of trading…
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The 5%ers

The 5%ers is a well-regarded online prop firm founded by Gil Ben Hur in 2016. They are seeking the top 5% of traders and attract them by offering fast scaling, simple pay-outs and innovative funding models.

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My Funded FX

My Funded FX opened its doors in 2022 with the goal to find and educate a team of funded traders. They offer a single-phase or two-phase challenge with simple rules. Get started from just €50 for $5000 of capital.