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What Leverage Does The Concept Trading Offer?

The Concept Trading is an Australian-based prop firm offering traders various funding options. Regarding leverage, this firm offers traders among…
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The 5%ers New Program – High-Risk Challenge (Two-Phse)

The 5%ers have decided to release their take on the standard two-phase challenge. This challenge comes with a few unique…
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Complete List of FTMO Restricted News Events

As anyone who has used FTMO knows, this firm does not allow its traders to open or close trades within…
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Leverage Provided By All Top Prop Firms Compared

When it comes to trading with a prop firm, there are a number of aspects to consider. One such aspect…
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Complete Top Tier Trader Review – Our Top FTMO Alternative

Launched in October 2021 Top Tier Trader has grown rapidly to become a leading online prop firm. This firm offers…
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City Traders Imperium Giveaway – 10 Free Challenges!

From City Traders Imperium: Starting today, we have another exciting announcement to make, so hold onto your seats! We’re thrilled…
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Surgetrader Trading Competition – Massive Prizes Available! (Including $1000 Cash)

Trading competitions are a great way to get hold of some free trading capital. Many firms offer these competitions with…
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List of Prop Firms That Offer a Free Trail (Including FTMO)

One important step to becoming a profitable prop firm trader is creating and implementing a complete trading plan. Whilst backtesting…
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Top 5 Cheapest Prop Firm Challenges in 2023 (All less than $100)

One of the great things about online prop trading is the ability to break into the trading industry without the…
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Current Limited Time Prop Firm Promotions – February 2023

These are prop firm promotions currently running in February. These include only limited time promotions. If you plan on purchasing…
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The 5%ers

The 5%ers is a well-regarded online prop firm founded by Gil Ben Hur in 2016. They are seeking the top 5% of traders and attract them by offering fast scaling, simple pay-outs and innovative funding models.

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My Funded FX

My Funded FX opened its doors in 2022 with the goal to find and educate a team of funded traders. They offer a single-phase or two-phase challenge with simple rules. Get started from just €50 for $5000 of capital. - For serious traders