$600k FunderPro Sponsered Giveaway! Including a Free $200k Challenge

funderpro 500k giveaway

We’re thrilled to be partnering with FunderPro to bring you this amazing giveaway which will award a total of $600k in funding challenges to participants.

Entry is simple, just add your name and email for your first 3 tickets. (Optional) Get more tickets for each of these tasks:

  • 10 Tickets for signing up for a free FunderPro account
  • 5 Tickets for joining Prop Traders Club Facebook Group
  • 3 Tickets for each social share
  • 3 Tickets for each user who signs up via your share

The process is entirely automated and your entries and referrals will be tracked by the system. Winners will also be chosen automatically and contacted once the giveaway is over. Good Luck!

Five Reasons to Join FunderPro

FunderPro has some great features which attract professional traders looking to make a career in the industry. Here are our top 5 reasons to join FunderPro:

They Provide Live Capital to their Funded Traders

Anyone following the recent My Forex Funds incident will have realised that when you are trading on a demo account, you can never be sure of the true intentions of the prop firm.

Not all firms that utilize the demo environment model are dishonest, however, by choosing a firm that provides live capital, you can ensure the interests of both parties are aligned.

By providing live capital, you can ensure the following:

  • It is in the firm’s best interest to provide you with the best possible trading conditions.
  • There is no risk of “slip them to hell” occurring.
  • You can expect better support and guidance to improve your trading as the firm only profits as you do.
  • You get to experience making trades in live market conditions which will ultimately improve your understanding of the markets.

Overall, when given the choice between trading on a virtual account or a live account, 9 times out of 10 it is better to opt for the latter.

They Run Exciting Promotions, Giveaways and Events

FunderPro SigmaFX

We had a chance to meet the whole team at the SigmaFX expo in Cyprus and had a great chat about the future of FunderPro and the industry in general. Don’t worry if you missed this one though, you can keep up to date with the guys over on their discord:

View FunderPro Discord

What’s more, the next event is being held is in Abu Dhabi and features:

  • Free flights to and from Abu Dhabi
  • A stay in the 5* W hotel
  • Watch the F1/F2 finals from an amazing Skybox along with the CEO and other members
  • A meet and great with the F2 Ferrari driver, Ollie Bearman

For your chance to win the above packages, head to FunderPro to learn more.

Trade Directly on TradingView with their Next-Gen Platform – TradeLocker

Tradingview is a tool valued by almost every trader; from beginners to those within hedge funds. It provides unparalleled tools to analyze the markets and plan your trades.

The problem is, that nearly all prop firms use MetaTrader, which provides great trade execution but lacks the analytical tools required for many traders.

Tradelocker combines the best of both worlds. Plan your trades on TradingView and when ready pull the trigger from the same platform.

Simplify your trading experience and decrease delays getting your order to the market by using FunderPro’s next-gen platform, Tradelocker.

You can read more about the benefits of Tradelocker here.

Weekly Payouts – No More Waiting for Your Profits

Tired of having to wait up to 30 days to withdraw your trading profits? Perhaps you have hit your % target in just a few days? With FunderPro, you have the option to withdraw every week!

This can greatly improve the overall success rate of traders as it:

  • Provides more opportunities to trade as you don’t have to wait as long after hitting your targets
  • Improves psychology. Knowing you have a payday every week can take a lot of the stress away from trading.
  • Improves your chance of actually reaching the payout. Many traders with other firms breach their accounts in between getting funded and getting paid.

Overall, there are no downsides to weekly payouts and plenty to gain. This feature is a thumbs up from us.

Get a 5-day free Trial and Convert to a Real Challenge if in Profit!

The last point I want to raise is the unique free trial offered. If you would like to try out this firm before spending any money, simply create a free account and choose the “Trial” option. You will be given a 5-day free trial on a platform of your choice.

Here’s the exciting bit; if you do well with your free trial (gain over 1% profit) you have the option to save your progress and convert it to a real challenge by paying the standard fee. This feature is game-changing and it is not expected to last for long. Try it out now!

For more info on this feature click here.

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