FunderPro Prop Firm – Tradelocker Released (Trade with TradingView)

funderpro tradingview

The ability to trade with TradingView disappeared from many prop firms a while back. Now it’s back!

Tradelocker is a unique platform designed by the team behind FunderPro and offers traders the ability to trade their account directly from TradingView.

Benefits of trading with TradingView and Tradelocker

There are many reasons why traders might prefer to use TradingView for analyzing and executing trades. Let’s explore some of the top reasons:

  • No download required – This allows you to switch from mobile to desktop with ease.
  • One-click Trading – For those who need to enter and exit trades quickly, this platform is ideal.
  • Deep Liquidity – Metatrader has always had its drawbacks when it comes to speed. This platform provides faster execution and deeper liquidity.
  • Easy Risk Management – Tradingview gives you the opportunity to set your RRR or maximum risk and places the trade accordingly.

About FunderPro

FunderPro opened their doors in February 2023 and offers traders up to $200k capital for passing their two-phase evaluation.

Some reasons to join this firm include:

  • Live Capital – All funded accounts are given live capital and trade in the real markets.
  • No Time Limits – There are no maximum trading days with this firm.
  • Weekly Pay-outs – Receive payouts on a weekly basis.
  • Refundable Fee – The initial fee is refundable upon passing the challenge.
  • High Leverage – All accounts come with 1:100 leverage.

Ready to Start? Sign up for FunderPro Today with an Extra 10% Discount

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Happy trading!

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