About Us

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Our Purpose

Online proprietary firms have recently surged in popularity. Whilst most new firms are running perfectly legitimate businesses, a subsection employs dubious tactics such as operating as a Ponzi scheme or playing against the trader.

That’s where Prop Traders Club comes in. We have built a community to evaluate, compare, review and test prop firms. Using our tools, traders can avoid falling victim to bad players in the industry.

Facebook Group

Prop Traders Club began as a Facebook group created by Mailo Tabur in February 2022. It has since grown to a tight-knit community of over 15,000 prop traders.

The group is a well-moderated and active community where traders can discuss prop firm-related topics. The group is fair and impartial, which is why so many traders stick around.

Tony Williamson took over the group in October 2022 with the aim to grow the group further whilst keeping to the values the group was created with.

Our Mobile app – FX Funding Finder

This app which is available on Android and Web lets users compare hundreds of prop accounts in seconds. Simply choose your desired filters and see the available options. Version 2.0 is expected in September 2023 and will include some fantastic features and tools.

Current features:

  • Explore the full list of firms
  • Search based on time, leverage, funding models and more
  • Preset searches such as “All accounts under $100”
  • Use our “Traders Toolbox” to explore free tools to supplement their trading.
  • Check for promotional/coupon codes with each firm.

Our Newsletter and Email Subscription

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Stay up to date with all things prop trading by joining our email list. By joining our list you will be the first to know about:

  • Promotions and Discounts – We have partnerships with over 30 prop firms who keep up informed of their upcoming promotions.
  • Reviews of New Firms – We keep an eye out for new firms and gather feedback from our members.
  • Rule Changes – Firms regularly change their rules to suit business needs. We keep our members informed of all important changes.
  • Competitions and Giveaways – We have given away over $5,000 of free accounts to our members since we launched in November 2022.

What else are we working on in 2023?

In 2023, we plan to grow our community exponentially. We will do this by providing unparalleled content, tools and services to our members. Some things in the pipeline include: