Our Purpose

Online proprietary firms have recently surged in popularity. Whilst most new firms are running perfectly legitimate businesses, a subsection employs dubious tactics such as operating as a Ponzi scheme or playing against the trader.

That’s where Prop Traders Club comes in. We have built a community to evaluate, compare, review and test prop firms. Using our tools, traders can avoid falling victim to bad players in the industry.

How we do it

We plan to revolutionise the industry by providing a hub for traders to gather and share their experiences with each prop firm. Users can use our mobile app to find the proper funding for their trading style, experience and risk appetite.

It doesn’t stop there though. We currently have an active social media community, multiple growing websites and much more set for 2023.

Our App

Using our app traders can:

  • Explore the full list of firms
  • Like, comment and report each firm.
  • Add and review pay-out proof pictures
  • Use our “Traders Toolbox” to explore free tools to supplement their trading.
  • Check for promotional/coupon codes with each firm.

Funding Finder Tool

Perhaps the most useful tool on our app is the funding finder tool. With this, the trader can search through all funding accounts across all firms in our database. Review hundreds of accounts in seconds, whilst getting feedback from traders who have already signed up. Users can filter accounts based on the following:

  • Prop firm name
  • Funding model i.e., Instant funding or 2-phase challenge
  • Minimum and maximum cost
  • Minimum funding/capital
  • (Advanced) Time Limits for phase 1 or 2
  • (Advanced) Minimum Leverage

We also offer two standalone versions of this tool – The Web App and an Android App.

Facebook Group

Prop Traders Club began as a Facebook group created by Mailo Tabur in February 2022. It has since grown to a tight-knit community of over 10,000 traders.

The group is a well-moderated and active community where traders can discuss prop firm-related topics. The group is fair and impartial, which is why so many traders stick around.

Tony Williamson took over the group in October 2022 with the aim to grow the group further whilst keeping to the values the group was created with.

What else are we working on in 2023?

In 2023, we plan to grow our community exponentially. We will do this by providing unparalleled content, tools and services to our members.


We have recently launched our opt-in newsletter which will provide valuable content to our members.

Cashback Reward System

To start things off, we have launched our Cashback System which will provide rebates to traders who purchase prop accounts via the cashback console.

This system now enables us, in many cases, to offer traders the best value prop firm challenges. Not only can traders benefit from any current promotions, but they will also receive additional cashback on their purchases too.

We are still collecting data on how well the system is working as well as communicating with the various firms to offer the best possible cashback rates. We will likely have this ready for full roll-out in February 2023.

Feature length Reviews

Another way we plan to improve our website is by creating complete reviews of the top-performing prop firms. This will enable readers to browse through firms and have a full understanding of each, which will allow the trader to make a truly informed choice. These reviews will be written with care and provide real value to the reader with unique statistics, case studies, community feedback and well-researched information.