Prop Traders Club App

The app has 4 main features which I will explain below.

Prop Firm Explorer

This feature includes a page for each prop firm currently on the app. On each page you can do a number of things such as:

  • Read basic information on the firm including rules, scaling and broker information.
  • Check for promo codes
  • View a list of all accounts on offer
  • View and add comments
  • View and add Payout proofs
  • Report each firm for unfairness and view others reports
  • Like each firm

Please note, for adding any content such as comments or likes, a quick sign-up is needed.

Funding Finder Tool

This is the mobile version of the tool I released a week or two ago. Use this to search for your ideal prop firm account. Search for accounts based on a number of features such as: leverage, price, capital and time limits. Shortcut buttons are also available including:

  • All Instant funding accounts
  • Accounts under $100
  • Accounts with over $100,000 capital
  • Challenges with no time limits

Traders Toolbox

This is a feature that will develop with time. The isn’t too much in their at the moment but I will add any free tools I come across that will help traders out.

Live Chat Room

This is a live chatroom that users can use to speak with other members. A sign-up is needed to add a comment.