Fintokei Review – Instant Funding with Leading Global Prop Firm

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Fintokei is more than just a prop trading firm – they have built an entire trading ecosystem which began back in 2007. This includes the industry-leading Purple Trading brokerage, Purple Technology and various others. 

This extensive knowledge and position in the industry means Fintokei began with strong foundations and is well placed to rival the top prop firms in the space. 

In this review, we’ll take a look into what this firm can offer traders and why we are recommending them to our members.

Key Highlights 

  • Three distinct funding models including an instant funding option 
  • Ability to join with no fee, providing you have a solid track record
  • Highly experienced management team with deep ties in the finance/trading sector
  • Starting capital ranges from €1,000 to €400,000 
  • Platforms include Metatrader 4 and 5 plus CTrader 

The team over at Fintokei have offered our members 10% discount which can be used on any account they offer. To claim this discount use the following code at checkout: PTC10

Fintokei’s Position in the Wider Prop Firm Industry

Before we take a look further into the details of Fintokei, I want to briefly go over the different types of prop firms currently in the industry. 

Type A: White Labels 

These are firms which can be set up in a matter of weeks by almost anyone with a small investment. Usually these firms have little control over how the firm is managed and instead focus on marketing and getting traders to pay the evaluation fee. 

Most, if not all whitelabels rely on the evaluation fee to provide the funds to pay the winning traders. 

Type B: Patchwork Firms 

These firms are those which use various technology providers and other fintech providers to build an operating prop firm. For example, they may have a broker, platforms, payment solutions etc from various different providers. 

There is nothing wrong with these firms, but issues may arise such as when a platform decides to no longer support them (see Surgetrader, The Funded Trader etc.) 

Type C: In-house Built Firms 

These are firms which have invested heavily into building the required infrastructure for running a prop firm. These firms are far more robust as they have greater control how the firm is operated and can adapt to industry changes faster than others. 

It is also far more likely these firms are searching for highly skilled traders to help direct institutional-level funds. 

You will often find these firms have various sources of revenue and do not rely solely on evaluation fees. 

If you haven’t guessed already, Fintokei falls into category C. To put it in perspective, the Purple Holdings group which operates Fintokei have the following assets:

  • A brokerage, Purple Trading 
  • Various trading tech via Purple Technology
  • Their own payment solutions 
  • Institution-level capital management firm
  • Compliance and legal team

This is the foremost reason we are happy to recommend this firm to our members. Check out this quick short for a bit more info on this:

Our Experience – From Purchase to Trade 

To get an idea of how smooth Fintokei’s processes are I bought a €2,000 swift trader account. Checkout was very simple and just some simple details; name and address. See below for the checkout page.

They also offer a choice of trading currencies which is a nice feature that only a small number of firms provide. 

So how about processing times? 

Time to process payment (by card): <1 minute 

Time to receive dashboard log in details: <1 minute 

Time to receive trader log in details: ~1 minute 

Overall Fintokei scored 10/10 for speed of processing the account. 

The Funding Models – Swift Trader, Pro Trader and Strategy Trader 

In this section we’ll take a look into the three different funding models Fintokei offers and which one is best suited to your style/goals. 

Swift Trader – Instant Funding 

This option follows the tradition prop model in which the trader pays a fee to trade a larger sum of money. This means there is no evaluation and you start earning profits from day 1. 

The Swift Trader account is ideal for those want to get straight into the action without having to go through an evaluation. The flip-side of this is that the cost of the accounts are higher than that of the evaluation model. 

Swift Trader Highlights 

  • 10% Max Drawdown (Reletive) 
  • No Daily Drawdown
  • No Minimum Trading Days 
  • Get roughly 20x more capital vs the fee 
  • Account sizes range from €1,000 to €50,000

Price of Accounts 

Starting Capital€1,000€2,000€5,000€10,000€50,000

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Pro Trader – Two-Phase Challenge 

This model follows the standard two-phase challenge popularized by FTMO. It’s main benefit is that you can trade a large account size with a relatively small investment. 

For those used to trading larger amounts of capital, the Pro Trader option is likely the best choice. With accounts of up to $400k capital, a competent trader can earn a substantial income. 

Pro Trader highlights 

  • Overall Drawdown is a static 10%
  • Daily Drawdown is 5% (based on equity) 
  • There is a minimum of 3 trading days per phase 
  • Account sizes range from €10k to €400k
  • Profit split starts at 80% and increased up to 95% with scaling

Price of Accounts

Starting Capital€10,000€20,000€50,000€100,000€200,000€400,000

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Strategy Trader – Zero Cost (For professional traders with a track record) 

This option is only available for traders who have a track record which they can provide to the firm. It does not require any fee and traders can enquire about this with the support team. 

Since this kind of account will likely be individualised based on the track record of the trader, we won’t go into details here but feel free to check out more information below.

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FIntokei Rules and Restrictions Overview

When partnering with a prop firm it’s vital to ensure their rules aligns with your trading strategy. Some firms are seeking risk-adverse traders others may allow all strategies. 

Fintokei falls towards the latter, allowing a wide range of strategies with little restrictions placed on the trader. Heres the key points to note: 

Pro TraderSwift Trader 
Time LimitNoneNone
Minimum Trading Days30
Daily Drawdown5%None
Maximum Drawdown10%10%
Maximum Order Size100 Lots (Forex/Gold)100 Lots (Forex/Gold)
Stop Loss Required?NoNo
Daily Draw down TypeEquity-BasedEquity-Based
Overall Draw down TypeStaticReletive

What strategies are not allowed at Fintokei? 

To ensure a fair and beneficial relationship for both parties, Fintokei restricts the following strategies (taken directly from Fintokei website to avoid misrepresentation): 

  • Copying trades from other persons’ signals or having your accounts managed by 3rd party
  • Using services or EAs created by 3rd parties in purpose to “pass your prop trading evaluations” or otherwise take advantage of the technical inefficiencies of the platform and its infrastructure
  • Martingale
  • Tick scalping
  • Latency arbitrage trading
  • Opposite trading / hedging across multiple accounts or traders

All these strategies are commonly banned from prop firms as they cannot be replicated into live markets. 

The Scaling Plan

As you progress through the scaling stages, Fintokei rewards traders with larger and larger amounts of capital to trade. It is possible to scale to $4M in just 8 steps if you choose to start with a $500k account. 

Not only does the capital increase but the profit share is increased at certain intervals also. By level 8 of the pro trader account, the profit split will be 95% in favour of the trader. 

Furthermore, by achieving the third level (scaling twice) traders may be offered a contract with their portfolio management company. This provides an excellent opportunity for those traders who are pursuing a career in trading. 

Here is a quick breakdown of the scaling plan, based on an average sized account. 

Pro TraderSwift Trader
Starting Balance€125,000€10,000
Level 2€150,000€15,000
Level 3€200,000€20,000
Level 4€300,000€30,000
Level 5€400,000€40,000
Level 6€600,000€60,000
Level 7€800,000€80,000
Level 8€1,000,000€100,000

Requirements for Scaling: In order to scale to the next level, you must a achieve a total of 10%+ profit over two consecutive months. Therefore each level can be passed in 2 months and a PM contract may be offered after 6 months (with optimal performance). 

Trading Conditions, Broker and Platforms

With extensive experience in the trading industry its no surprise the trading conditions at Fintokei are exceptional. 

For starters, traders have the choice of three leading trading platforms: 

  • Metatrader 4
  • Metatrader 5
  • CTrader 

It’s also worth noting that there are no extra fees for CTrader as many other firms are currently putting in place. 

What Brokers Do Fintokei Offer?

Accounts will use Purple Trading as their main broker which they also operate under the Purple Holding company. They also have access to Axiory which may be used depending on the account type/platform. 

Spreads and Commissions 

We took a look at the spreads at the start of the New York session and found spreads ranging from 0.0 pips to 1.5 pips for major Forex pairs. The spreads on gold were also very reasonable at ~25 points.

The commissions on trades is set at $6 per round lot.

Education and Tools 

Fintokei has a wide range of educational tools available including: 

  • A range of calculators 
  • 100+ Trading education videos 
  • Daily financial news broadcast

All these features are available for free upon purchasing an account. You can access these by hitting the Edu & Tools tab in the dashboard. 

Fintokei on social media

When researching a prop firm, it’s vital to explore their social media to get a full picture other users experiences. It also gives you a chance to communicate with the people behind the firm before taking on a challenge.

How do Payouts Work at Fintokei? 

When and how you withdraw your profits depends on the account type. For clarity, I will quote Fintokei directly.

For Swift Trader Accounts

You can withdraw any profits you make on SwiftTrader account if your profit is at least 10% or more and at the same time at least 14 days have passed from your last withdrawal or since account creation. This 10% rule is only applicable for your first SwiftTrader withdrawal request, after that you only need to have minimal withdrawable amount on your SwiftTrader account. Before requesting a withdrawal, make sure you close all your open trades.

Fintokei FAQ

For Pro Trader Accounts

You can withdraw any profits you make on ProTrader account as long as at least 14 days have passed from your last withdrawal or since the account creation. Before requesting a withdrawal, make sure you close all your open trades. If you have an open trade and you press the “request withdrawal” button, your trade will automatically close. So be aware of this.

Fintokei FAQ


I feel that Fintokei’s expansion into the global prop trading industry is fantastic for traders. Many of the firms that are running into issues at the moment are those who don’t have the infrastructure or experience to run a prop firm efficiently.

Fintokei does not have this problem as I covered at the start of the review. This provides traders who may have fallen victim to these other firm closures a safe option which also offers greater value and flexibility than FTMO.

In closing, Fintokei are an excellent choice for variety of traders who are looking for a safe and reliable prop firm.

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