50% Off Promotion at PipFarm! (Plus Kill Switch Feature Introduced)

pipfarm promo

We’re thrilled to partner with Pip Farm to bring our members a massive 50% discount on all new $50k challenges purchased in June.

The 50% Off Promotion

Throughout June traders can take advantage of this excellent promotion which is valid for all $50k challenges. This brings the total cost of the challenge down to just $175, which is far below average.

Traders can use the code unlimited times while the promotion is active.

How to Claim

Simply head to PipFarm using the button below and use the code “PTCJUNE50” at checkout as indicated below (making sure to hit apply coupon):

What is the Kill Switch Feature?

One problem many prop traders, especially those new to trading propriety funds, is the daily draw-down. It doesn’t help that each firm has their own rules on how this is enforced. Some firms reset at midnight others may reset during the FX break before the Asian session.

Balance-based and equity-based daily draw-downs also confuse many new traders and even catching some professional traders out occasionally. Pipfarm have found a solution to this proplem – the Kill Switch,

The Kill Switch feature gives the trader an extra saftey net to avoid breaching an account due to the daily drawdown. Here is how it works:

The kill switch is a feature that automatically closes all positions in your trading account when your equity reaches a specified level. The feature consists of a stop loss and take profit. The stop loss can be used to prevent hitting your daily loss, and the take profit can be used to ensure passing when your equity exceeds the profit target. While the kill switch is highly accurate, we recommend having a small buffer of a few basis points to account for slippage or latency.

Pip Farm – FAQ

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