Last Call May Promotions! Up to 30% Off Prop Challenges

may 2024 promotions

There are less than 48 hours remaining to claim these promotions. In no particular order, here they are:

MyFundedFX – 20% Off

myfundedfx promo

This offer is valid on all 1-step max challenges and brings the price of a $100k challenge to just $320! You can use this code a maximum of three times and it expired on 31st May.

Promo Code: MAX20

Affiliate Code: PTC

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Blue Guardian – 25% Off

blue guardian promotion

Simply add the following codes at checkout to receive 25% off any challenge.

Promo Code: MAY

Affiliate Code: PTC10

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FunderPro – 20% Off

funderpro promo

FunderPro are one of our top picks at the moment thanks to their daily payouts and live capital. You can read more about that here.

To claim 20% off any challenge simply enter the following code at checkout:

Code: Clubfunded2024

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Pipfarm – $40 off $10k Challenge

pipfarm promo

Pipfarm is a new firm with tons of great features and strong leadership. You can read our full review on Pipfarm here. 

This current offer is valid for $5k and $10k accounts and offers a flat $20/$40 off respectively.

To claim this offer use the following codes at checkout:

For $5k challenges: PIP5K

for $10k challenges: PIP10K

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Tradiac – 20% Off

tradiac promo

Tradiac are a long-time partner of Prop Traders Club and we can fully vouch to their legitimacy. They have some great features such as the option for 30% drawdown and a unique scaling plan. You can read our full review here.

To claim this offer simply use the following code at checkout:

Code: MAY20

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