Tradiac Review – Prop Firm with up to 30% Drawdown!

tradiac review

There has been a surge in popularity of online prop firms in recent years with hundreds now occupying the industry. Many offer almost identical services, rules and funding options. The firm we’re reviewing today, Tradiac, brings something new to the table with some unique features including the aforementioned 30% max drawdown! 

Another great feature we will look at is the scaling plan which has an option to retain your funding amount level even after failing the account. We’ll also look at the broker, platforms and trading conditions offered as well as take a look at how much the average trader can expect to earn with this firm. 

In case you missed it, we have three guest posts from Michael Buchbinder, the co-founder of Tradiac, which looks at various trading topics and how Tradiac can help. You can find them here:

Part 1 – Traders Seek Funding via Funded Trader Programs

Part 2 – Risk and Reward with Tradiac Funded Account vs. Own Capital

Part 3 – Keep your Progress Scaling to $1,000,000

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Key Highlights

Here are a few details about this firm. We will dig deeper into each of these later in the review. 

  • 90% Profit Split from Day 1
  • Account Sizes from $10k to $100k
  • Up to $1m Maximum Funding
  • Unique scaling plan 
  • The partnered broker is Scandinavian Capital Markets

Tradiac – Who is behind the Company?

We asked the co-founder, Michael for a bit of information on how Tradiac was founded:

Tradiac is a convergence of talent from across the trading industry. Michael is a partner at 

Scandinavian Capital Markets. One day while speaking to one of his clients, John, owner of a hedge fund. They were discussing the large amounts of money invested in testing strategies and traders. We started discussing the funded trader model and how there is potential in finding great traders and strategies through this program. John’s team has the capabilities of managing the risk and hedging the strategies, as the program helps build a set of rules for traders to stay within. 

I think we are one of only a few firms out there that is well capitalized to pay out winning traders, and doesn’t depend on paying traders out from the challenge fees. And may be the only firm that can manage the risk and monetize the data. Successful traders also have an option to be recruited by the fund to trade for them.

How Much Can the Average Trader Expect to Earn with this Firm?

With a range of scaling programs and different profit splits, it can sometimes be challenging to see how much you can make with each firm. That’s why we like to do a case study of an average trader to better understand returns. 

This data makes the following assumptions: 

  • The trader makes an average of 5% monthly gains
  • A $50,000 account is purchased with the Tradiac track
  • The trader follows all the rules 
  • Profits are withdrawn at 5% intervals
MonthCapitalProfit WithdrawnTotal ProfitNotes
1Capital$0$0In Demo
2$50,000.00$0$0In Demo
4$50,000.00$2,250.00$4,500.00Scale Up
6$100,000.00$4,500.00$13,500.00Scale Up
8$150,000.00$6,750.00$27,000.00Scale Up
10$200,000.00$9,000.00$45,000.00Scale Up
12$250,000.00$11,250.00$67,500.00Scale Up
14$300,000.00$13,500.00$94,500.00Scale Up
16$350,000.00$15,750.00$126,000.00Scale Up
18$400,000.00$18,000.00$162,000.00Scale Up
20$450,000.00$20,250.00$202,500.00Scale Up
22$500,000.00$22,500.00$247,500.00Scale Up
24$550,000.00$24,750.00$297,000.00Scale Up

This table shows the potential of the scaling plan offered by Tradiac as well as the huge earning potential the increased capital brings.

At the end of this two-year period, this trader would have earned almost $300k!

Of course, these returns are difficult and every trader has peaks and valleys but this should give you a rough idea of what to expect by partnering with this firm.

The Tracks – Tradiac, Brainiac and Maniac 

When it comes to challenges, Tradiac is far from the norm. With three distinct accounts to choose from, traders can choose the best fit for their risk:reward. 

Let’s take a look at the three options:

Tradiac – For the Conservative Trader

Account SizePrice 
Price list for Tradiac track

Traders who exercise excellent risk management will likely benefit most from the Tradiac option as this has the lowest profit target of just 10%. Additionally, these accounts have the lowest fees from the three options. These accounts feature: 

  • 10% Profit Target 
  • 10% Max Drawdown 
  • 5% Daily Drawdown

Brainiac – For the Balanced Trader

Account SizePrice 
Price list for Brainiac track

If you have hit the maximum drawdown with other firms, the Brainiac option may be a great fit. These accounts have a huge 20% maximum drawdown which provides plenty of room for mistakes. On the flipside, the profit target is increased to 20% also, which is important to keep in mind. 

  • 20% Profit Target
  • 20% Maximum Drawdown
  • 10% Daily Drawdown

Maniac – For the Aggressive Trader

Account SizePrice 
Price list for Maniac track

This aptly named account is for the most aggressive traders. Receive an incredible 30% maximum drawdown both in the challenge and live accounts. This account will suit those traders who like to use large lot sizes as well as swing traders who want to take a more passive approach and not have to monitor their trades like a hawk. 

  • 30% Profit Target
  • 30% Maximum Drawdown
  • 15% Daily Drawdown

Rules and Restriction

Before joining any prop firm, it’s vital to ensure that their rules are aligned with your trading strategy. In this section, we will go over what’s allowed and what’s not. 

News Trading

There are no restrictions on trading around news events. 

Weekend Holding

Holding trades overnight and over the weekend is allowed.

Expert Advisors 

Expert advisors, algorithmic strategies and custom indicators are allowed on all accounts. 

High-frequency EAs or those that break any other rules are not allowed.

Stop Loss Requirements

Tradiac does not require the use of a stop loss on trades.

Inactivity Period

A trade must be opened at least once every 30 days.

How Does the Daily Drawdown Work?

I always explain to traders the importance of understanding the daily drawdown. We see dozens of traders breaching this rule across all firms. Therefore, before purchasing any prop firm account, make sure you understand this rule.

The daily drawdown at Tradiac is balance-based (which is the preferred option). This means that each day at 21:00 UTC the system will log the current balance on the account. This will be used to calculate the next day’s daily drawdown.

The daily drawdown level depends on the chosen track:

  • Tradiac – 5%
  • Brainiac – 10%
  • Maniac – 15%

How Does the Overall Drawdown Work?

The overall drawdown trails similar to the daily drawdown, except it will be calculated each time you realise profits (close trades).

The high watermark on the account will be the highest level of profit achieved. This does not move down with losses. The drawdown level will depend on the track chosen:

  • Tradiac – 10%
  • Brainiac – 20%
  • Maniac – 30%

The Trading Conditions – Broker and Platforms

Slippage, commissions and spreads all play a part in building a profitable trading strategy. Therefore it is important to ensure your trading style fits with the partnered broker of your chosen prop firm. 

In this section, we will look at which broker Tradiac uses, which platforms are on offer and explore the trading conditions.

Which Broker Does Tradiac Use?

Tradiac uses Scandinavian Capital Markets as its broker thanks to their excellent trading conditions and wide range of instruments including Forex, Metals, indices and crypto.

The maximum leverage on all accounts is set at 1:20.

Click here to read more about Scandinavian Capital Markets.


IndicesCommission Free
OilCommission Free


In the image below, you can see the typical spreads of some common forex products. 

What Platforms Can I Trade With?

Tradiac utilises the popular MetaTrader 5. This is a leading platform option and provides excellent trade execution, a wide range of instruments as well as automated trading tools.

You can read more about MetaTrader 5 here.

The Scaling Plan and Redemption Challenge 

Tradiac has reformed the typical scaling plan to provide more stability to the trader. In this section, we go through the scaling plan and the redemption model.

Let’s start with the scaling plan. It’s far simpler than many other firms and works like this:

  1. Make 10% profit on the account
  2. Receive your payout and scale to the next level.

The amount you scale by depends on the starting capital. If you begin on $50k, you will receive an additional $50k each time you scale.

One important fact to remember, withdrawing before reaching the profit target means you will need to make more than 10% as it doesn’t take into account withdrawals. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to withdraw when reaching the profit target.

The Checkpoint and Redemption Challenge

tradiac funded account chart

This is unique to Tradiac and allows the trader to “save” their scaling progress. It is best understood as an example:

You start with a $100,000 account and scale up twice to $300,000. Your checkpoint level is now set at $300,000.

If on this level you fail the account, you may take a “redemption” test which if passed, allows you to continue trading on a $300k account.

Here are a few things to note about this system.

  • You have 30 days upon failing the account to purchase a redemption test
  • You can take as many redemption tests as you would like.
  • The fee for the redemption test is = starting capital * 0.95% (i.e. $100k account will cost $950)
  • The redemption challenge will feature the same rules and targets as the original.

Tradiac on Social Media

One of the best places to get hold of the Tradiac team as well as other traders is via their Discord channel. They also have Instagram and Facebook profiles which provide various updates and statistics from the firm.

How do the Payouts Work?

Tradiac takes a relaxed approach with payouts, giving the trader the freedom to decide when they would like to withdraw their funds. There are a few things to note, however:

  • Traders may request payment up to two times per month*
  • A minimum of 2% profit must be achieved to request a payment

*Additional payouts may be requested for a $50 fee.

All payouts are handled by DEEL, a popular payment portal in which you can receive payments in a currency of your choice and with a variety of methods such as PayPal, bank transfer or crypto.

Another point to note, the profit split for all funded accounts is 90% from day one!

How to Get Started – Step by Step 

Getting started with Tradiac is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Tradiac website here.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the rules and targets.
  3. Decide which track to go for, Tradiac, Brainiac or Maniac and head to checkout.
  4. Pay for the challenge, don’t forget to use the promo code “PTC10” for an additional 10% discount.
  5. Receive your login details within 10 minutes and start trading!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Final Thoughts 

After speaking with Michael a number of times, it’s clear these guys are looking for real traders and not just looking to collect fees. Here’s why:

They have hedge fund backing. This means they have much more to gain from finding profitable traders (as they can copy their trades). This business model is far more ethical than many other firms operate, such as My Forex Funds. By seeking traders in this manner, they are ensuring interests are aligned.

Another reason I like this firm is the unique scaling plan we went over earlier. This greatly improves a trader’s chance of reaching that 7-figure AUM by allowing traders to save their progress upon making a mistake.

Finally, the huge drawdowns provide traders of all levels plenty of room to trade their strategy without the constant threat of breaching the account.

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