Partnerships and Advertising

We have built a number of tools to help grow prop firms and related businesses. If you own a business in the prop trading industry get in touch to see how we could help achieve your goals.

We are a relatively new business but have big plans and we’re looking for partnerships to grow together. Get in on the ground floor!

Our current assets include:

Facebook Group

The Prop Traders Club started as a group of prop traders to discuss and compare prop firms. It has grown to an active community of over 15,000 members.

The group is closed (members must apply to join), well-moderated and highly engaged. Approximately 65% of our members are active in any three-month period.

Prop Traders Club Website

This was launched in November 2022 and has been growing rapidly since. It serves as the hub for all of our tools and content.

All our content is strategically written with SEO in mind. We drive highly qualified traffic to our site via Social, organic search, paid search and referral.

We also have an Android app which provides a similar experience with added community features. Available here.

FX Funding Finder Tool

This is a comparison engine designed for traders to find the perfect challenge for their style. Users can compare hundreds of accounts within seconds based on their price, capital, funding model and more.

This tool is available on Desktop and Android. For more information head to the dedicated page here.

Prop Traders Contact List

We began a campaign to build our contact list of prop traders at the start of 2023.

We have since signed up around 9000 prop traders and are continuously growing.

Much more coming in 2024

We have some big plans for 2023 including:

  • Developing our YouTube Channel
  • Revamping our predeceasing blog
  • Branching out to more socials

Now is a great time to get involved on the ground floor and grow with us!

About our Traffic

All of our traffic is highly targeted to the prop trading industry. We generate traffic from a mixture of paid advertising, organic search and social.

The leads we send to firms typically convert at the rate of 0.5-3.5% with the average coming in at ~1.5%.

The average conversion value is $185.

What we can offer

We can offer a wide range of services to help connect you to our traders, including:

  • Submission to our database which adds your firm details to all our apps.
  • Single email blast or addition to our automated email chain.
  • A review posted in our Facebook group.
  • An in-depth review hosted on Prop Traders Club. 1500-3000 words with a focus on SEO.
  • Banner ads across the website.
  • Addition to one of our landing pages (i.e. Top 5 Instant Funding Prop Firms) which drives traffic from targeted google ads.

We are happy to explore package deals or work on a cost-per-click arrangement.

Please direct any enquiries to: