Keep your Progress Scaling to $1,000,000 Funded Account [Tradiac Series #3]

Tradiac Series 3

The following post was authored by Michael Buchbinder, a member of Prop Traders Club, as well as the co-founder of Tradiac and a partner at Scandinavian Markets.

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Getting to the $1,000,000 funded account is every trader’s dream. But with Tradiac it is the most realistic to reach that funding amount. In this article I will go over what the path to reaching $1,000,000 in funding looks like. Why it is the most feasible to do it with Tradiac. And how our Redemption program works to help you keep your momentum.

No matter which account you buy with Tradiac, all of them are automatically enrolled in the scaling programs. No extra fees or charges to have your account be eligible to scale. Depending on the starting amount you choose, each time you hit a profit target in a funded account and close out your positions, you will automatically be paid out 90% of your profits and have a new scaled account assigned to you. Each time you scale up, you receive a new account with the base capital of your original package added to the new account.

So, if you go with a $100k account, you will have $100k added to your base capital each time you hit a profit target. First you must pass the challenge account. Then you receive a $100k funded account. Upon hitting that profit target, you will receive a new funded account with $200k, then $300k and so on. Each time you hit the profit target we will pay you out your earnings from that account.

You may choose to withdraw your earnings before you hit your profit target. That is no problem. You will have to earn those funds back to reach the account profit target to be able to scale to the next level. Example, if you are in the Tradiac track (10% profit target) and in a $100k funded account, you need to earn $10k on that account and have your balance and equity be above $110k to scale. If you are at $109k and you decide to withdraw $3k, your new balance will be $106k. You will need to make another $4k to bring your balance and equity above $110k to be able to scale to the next level.

Let’s Look at the Scaling Data

What does it look like to scale with a $10k account to $1m.


That is 99 times you need to hit your profit target on a $10,000 scaling account.

What does it look like to scale with a $20k account to $1m.


You will need to hit your profit target 49 times with a $20k account.

With $50,000 starting balance:


You will need to hit your profit target 19 times with a $50k account.

With $100,000 starting balance:


You will need to hit your profit target 9 times with a $100k account.

The Results, Problem and Solution

No matter how good you are, it is very unlikely you can achieve 10% more than 5 times in a row. Leading hedge funds return 10% a year and some years they have dips in their performance. While most programs send you back to the beginning if you hit an RMF (Risk Management Failure of the rules). The Tradiac scaling program has a unique feature in the Redemption test.

The Redemption test allows you to go back to the last level you were successful at. If you made it to $400k and hit an RMF there, you would be able to go back to $300k (the last level you were successful at, also known as a checkpoint in Tradiac) and take a Redemption test. A redemption test is very similar to an assessment test as you are looking to hit your profit target for that level to go back to a funded account. Profits earned on a Redemption are not payable. Upon passing the Redemption, you would go back to a live funded account at the same amount as the Redemption test taken. In this example, you would resume with a funded account at $300k. Upon hitting the profit target you would get paid out and then scale up to $400k. Only upon hitting your profit target and getting paid out on the $400k level, would your checkpoint (this is where your progress gets saved and you can do a Redemption test from) move up to the $400k level.

You can take as many redemption tests as you like, as long as you purchase it within 30 calendar days of your last RMF. You have unlimited time to reach your profit target, as long as you do not trigger the inactivity rule. More information on the inactivity rule can be found on the site and its terms and conditions.  

How do you calculate the price for a redemption?

The base capital of your most current scaling level multiplied by 0.95% (Tradiac) / 1.4% (Brainiac) / 1.9% (Maniac) depending on your trading track.

Base capital x Track redemption % = Redemption Fee


Tradiac – Max DD and Profit Target = 10%
Max daily trailing DD = 5%

Brainiac – Max DD and Profit Target = 20%
Max daily trailing DD = 10%

Maniac – Max DD and Profit Target = 30%
Max daily trailing DD = 15%

Each one has 90% profit share, and you can choose to start with $10,000 / $20,000 / $50,000 or $100,000

With no time limits, minimum/maximum trades or trading days.

Because of the Redemption test feature, which allows you to save your progress, we believe Tradiac is the prop firm most traders have a realistic opportunity to scale to the $1,000,000 funded account with.

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Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. Before purchasing an assessment make sure you have the risk capital to do so. All trading is risky and proper due diligence should be done before getting involved.

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