My Forex Funds Update + Top September Promotions

My Forex Funds Update

The prop firm world has been shaken by the unexpected halting of My Forex Funds operations. This firm has grown to become the largest online prop firm with traders from all over the world. For those who have been affected, many firms are offering some heavy discounts so you don’t have to stop trading.

I will include any relevant information regarding regulations or other comments of the situation. Additionally, I will include where the company is based, for those looking to be extra cautious.

If you haven’t read about My Forex Funds closure yet click here.

The Funded Trader (US-Based)

The Funded Trader MFF

Angelo, the CEO has been active in the discord channel since the news broke and has stated that it is business as normal and they expect no issues. A further video explaining more about the situation will be released on 2nd September. Until then, he has put out this short, lighthearted message:

If you have fear you will die. Only the courageous will survive. The gods are with us! @everyone

The Funded Trader Discord


Affiliate Code: CNACQK

Perks: 15% Off + 90% Lifetime Payouts + 125% Refund

MyFundedFX (US-Based)

myfundedfx mff 1
myfundedfx mff 2

Over at MyFundedFX, MattL has expressed a similar sentiment with no issues expected. Here is his statement:

I am aware of what is happening at myforexfunds and I can’t comment on their specific circumstances but I will say this.

We work with legal representatives very connected in the industry whom have not mentioned anything in regards to regulation of any kind for the time being.

We continue to operate as we always have and encourage everyone to trade as that always have been. Their issues I am confident will be resolved in a timely manner and MyFundedFX is not going anywhere.

My Funded FX Discord

Promotion 1 – LABOR20

Promo Code: LABOR20

Affiliate Code: PTC

Perks: 20% Off all accounts

Expires: 4th September

Promotion 2 – AUTUMN

Promo Code: AUTUMN

Affiliate Code: PTC

Perks: 8% Off, 125% Refund + 90% First Profit Split

Expires: 30th September

FundedNext (Based in UAE)

FundedNext My Forex Funds 1
FundedNext My Forex Funds 2

FundedNext seems perfectly positioned to pick up a lot of traders as being based in Asia, they are as far as possible from US regulators. This will undoubtedly put some nervous traders’ minds at rest. Here is what they had to say:

Dear Traders!

Recent events at a prominent firm have had a profound impact on the prop firm industry, with regulatory scrutiny being issued in both Canada and the United States.

However, FundedNext is not affected by these changes because we are incorporated in the United Arab Emirates. The laws in this country allow us to offer our services to traders all around the world and focus on delivering high-quality trading opportunities without unwanted regulatory hurdles.

As traders are searching for a more reliable place to trade, we’re already seeing a huge increase in new traders joining FundedNext.

And a lot of traders have been asking us to extend our last offer. 

So we listened and we’re bringing an amazing brand new offer!

FundedNext Email Communication

Promotion 1 – GALAXY10

Promo Code: LABOR20

Perks: 10% Off + 150% refund (Valid on accounts $50k+)

Expires: 10th September

Promotion 2 – GALAXY20

Promo Code: AUTUMN

Perks: 20% Off + 150% Refund (Valid on accounts up to $25k)

Expires: 10th September

Ryze Funding (Based in the United Kingdom)

The team over at Ryze have expressed they do not foresee any regulatory issues arising and have continued with the launch of their latest promotion.

Promo Code: BIDPRICE

InstantFunding.IO (Based in the United Kingdom)

This is the latest firm we have partnered with and we expect great things from these guys. They also expect no issues with the following statement released:

Concerns regarding MFF have no impact on [’s] operations. We’ve spoken to the right people, and will continuing business as normal.

Instant Funding Discord

Promo Code: INSTANT10

Blue Guardian Capital (Based in the United Kingdom)

Another UK-based firm which has expressed they expect zero issues regarding regulations. The CEO, Sean Bainton, also put his views across in a statement he made on Twitter/X:

I doubt the MFF situation is anything too serious to worry about.

I do not think its even prop firm related more on the fact that they run their own servers and basically have their own broker. We all know how strict Canada is when it comes financial companies as we have seen in the past.

Lets see what happens in the coming weeks…

Sean Bainton, X

Promo Code: CEO10K

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