Pipfarm Review – Power-up Your Prop Trading (Promo Code Included!)

Pipfarm review

We’re pleased to introduce our members to an exciting new firm recently launched, PipFarm. This firm comes with a range of unique features which we’ll cover in this review. We’ll also take an in-depth look into the trading conditions, pricing, rules and targets. 

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Promo Code Alert – 25% Off Launch Offer

Pipfarm is currently offering a discount on all new accounts. To claim 25% off simply enter the following code at checkout: LAUNCH25.

Key Highlights

For those looking for a quick glimpse into this firm, here are some highlights: 

  • All trading styles are accepted including algo and scalping.
  • They have a unique power-up feature to enhance your trading.
  • The leadership team has extensive experience in the industry.
  • Accounts range from $10k capital up to $200k.
  • Pipfarm utilises CTrader as their sole trading platform.

CEO Bio – James Glyde

james glyde pipfarm ceo

Heading up operations as CEO and Founder of Pipfarm is James Glyde, a prominent leader in the Forex and CFD industry.

James’s most notable position was a senior executive at CTrader, a top trading platform. Other notable roles include operations manager at Nordic Funding, operations manager at Scandinavian markets as well as project manager at Purple Next.

You can read more about James’s industry experience on LinkedIn here.

How Much Can the Average Trader Earn with Pipfarm

At Prop Traders Club, one way we analyse prop firms is by exploring how much the average trader can earn whilst factoring in the profit share and scaling plan.

For this example, we will use the following figures:

  • The trader earns an average of 6% per month
  • The trader withdraws at 12% intervals, in this case, every other month
  • The trader follows all rules and stays within the drawdown limits
MonthCapitalProfit WithdrawnTotal ProfitNotes
1$100,000$0$0Screening Test
2$100,000$0$0Screening Test
4$100,000$10,800$10,800Scale Up
6$150,000$16,200$27,000Scale Up
8$200,000$21,600$48,600Scale Up
11$300,000$0$75,600Max Scaling
12$300,000$32,400$108,000One Year Mark
24$300,000$32,400$302,400Two Year Mark

Key Takeaways

From this data we can see that the maximum scaling point of 300% initial capital is 11 months, including the screening test. At this point the trader will be making roughly $16,200 per month based on our 6% monthly profit figure.

It’s worth noting that with the performance of such a trader, there will be other perks which are not so easily measured, thanks to the XP and Ranking system. These can include increased leverage, faster payments, faster scaling and more.

The Pipfarm Screening Test

To secure a funded account, traders must first complete a screening test. Pipfarm’s test involved a single-phase challenge with a generous 8% max drawdown and 4% daily drawdown.

To successfully pass the test, traders are required to hit a 12% profit target whilst following the rules and drawdowns set.

Pipfarm offers accounts from $10,000 up to $200,000 in capital. You can find the prices for these below:

Seed CapitalScreening Test Cost
$10,000$110 ($82.50 with discount)
$20,000$210 ($157.50 with discount)
$50,000$350 ($262.50 with discount)
$100,000$550 ($412.50 with discount)
$200,000$1050 ($787.50 with discount)

Some key points to know about the screening tests are:

  • The maximum drawdown for all tests is 8% based on the high watermark of the account.
  • The maximum daily drawdown is set at 4% which is reset daily based on the balance of the account (balanced-based drawdown)
  • The profit target for all tests is set at 12%.

Rules Overview

As with any prop firm, there are some important rules to follow. One key difference with Pipfarm is that many of these rules are relaxed as you prove yourself to be a consistent trader. For example, after reaching rank one, the stop-loss requirement is removed.

Key rules:

Stop Loss Requirement

A stop-loss is required on all trades. The platform will not allow you to trade without a stop-loss.

Algo/Bot Trading

Algo trading is allowed with the exception of high-frequency bots.

Inactivity and Time Limits

You have 365 days to pass the screening test and must take at least one trade every 14 days.

News Trading

News trading is allowed with this firm.

Overnight and Weekend Holding

Traders are permitted to hold their trades overnight and during the weekend. Additionally, crypto trading is allowed over the weekend.

A few other points to note include:

  • There are no minimum trading day requirements.
  • Pipfarm does not restrict the trader’s trading style and allows scalping and all other legitimate trading strategies.
  • There are no consistency rules.
  • There are no lot size restrictions

It is also worth mentioning that if a rule is broken, the trader is entitled to a share of profits up until that point.

You can read more about Pipfarm’s rules here.

The Scaling Plan

Pipfarm Scaling plan

To reward profitable traders, Pipfarm offers a competitive scaling plan to increase the trader’s capital. Here’s how it works.

  1. Make 12% profit
  2. Receive an additional 50% capital
  3. Repeat until you reach a maximum of 300% of the initial seed capital

There are also a few earnable perks that affect your scaling ability via the ranking system. For example, at rank 9, you earn the ability to scale every 14 days instead of 30.

Full details of the scaling plan can be found here.

Pipfarm’s Power-up Feature & The Ranking System

One unique feature about Pipfarm is the Power-ups which provide a range of perks to improve your experience within the firm. These perks can range from relaxing of rules to being able to request pay-outs anytime.

How it Works

To activate power-ups you must first gain ranks/xp by completing quests and progressing through your screening test. The higher rank you achieve, the more power-ups you earn. See below for an example of how to gain XP.

Pipfarm power-up feature

What Perks Do Power-Ups Offer?

Power-ups offer a wide range of benefits, see below for some examples:

  • Removal of the stop-loss requirement (Rank 1 / 10xp)
  • 50% Lower trading commissions (Rank 4 / 40xp)
  • Increased leverage to 1:50 (Rank 5 / 50xp)
  • Anytime Payouts (Rank 6 / 60xp)
  • Free $100k Test (Rank 10 / 100xp)

For a full list as well as more details about the above, head to the Pipfarm power-up section here.

The Trading Conditions

With the CEO, James, coming from a senior position at CTrader, Pipfarm may have the upper hand when it comes to providing great trading conditions.

Naturally, Pipfarm has partnered with Ctrader to bring this fantastic platform to their users. This platform gives the trader the ability to trade on a variety of devices including desktop and mobile. It also has a range of advanced features such as a range of order types like the trailing stop loss.

You can find out more about the benefits of Ctrader here.

What Broker does Pipfarm Use?

Pipfarm uses a range of brokers to provide the best possible conditions. Read below for their statement on this:

We use various brokers for our proprietary trading activities and occasionally change brokers to improve our execution quality or lower costs. The prices streamed into the cTrader platform are derived from various third-party sources.

FAQ – PipFarm

Commissions are set at $6 per lot which can be reduced by 50% by reaching the rank 4 power-up.

Pipfarm on Social Media

When researching a prop firm, it’s vital to explore their social media to get a full picture other users experiences. It also gives you a chance to communicate with the people behind the firm before taking on a challenge.

One particularly useful tool within the prop industry is Discord. This platform allows you to get real-time information from both the staff and other traders. Below we will include various forms of social media that Pipfarm are currently set up on.

The Payout Process

Pipfarm rewards it’s traders with a profit share that scales as you make a profit on the account. The more you earn and request the higher the profit share.

For example, if you earn between 9% and 12% profit when you request your payout you will be entitled to a 75% share of the profit. Any requests for profits over 12% will entitle the trader to 90% share of profits. See the table below for more information.

Profit RequestedYour Share
Up to 3%25%
3% to 6%50%
6% to 9%75%

Each funded trader will be entitled to a payout every week, processed on Fridays. Pay-outs are currently processed using Rise Works, a popular contractor platform that allows users to withdraw their profits in a variety of methods, including crypto.


It’s clear that this firm has put a lot of effort into their prop offering which is a fantastic sign that they are serious about building a reputable company. The fact that the founder/CEO has a great deal of experience within the industry is another great sign.

With platform issues becoming a major issue for a lot of prop firms, perhaps Pipfarm is in the perfect position with their strong ties to Ctrader. This is another important factor to consider.

The power-up feature offers traders a unique element which has not been seen in the industry so far and it will be interesting to get traders’ opinions on this.

Overall, Pipfarm has a lot to offer traders and we will be following these guys in the coming months and updating our members with further content and developments.

Promo Code Alert – 25% Off Launch Offer

Pipfarm is currently offering a discount on all new accounts. To claim 25% off simply enter the following code at checkout: LAUNCH25.

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