Funds For Traders Now Live – Accounts from Just $5 (Plus 40% Off!)

FundsForTraders Discount

Funds For Traders have now opened their doors for prop traders to join their firm. With accounts starting at just $5 and various funding models, this is certainly one to check out!

We’re going to be doing an in-depth review of this firm soon but for now, here is a brief overview.

P.S. Make sure to grab their fantastic launch promotion which offers 40% off. Details below.

Active Promotion – 40% Off + 90% Payouts + Free Account on Payout

You can use our promo code, PTC40, to claim a huge 40% discount on all accounts along with 90% payouts and a free account upon reaching payout. Please note this promotion is not valid on accounts $500 to $2000. Ends 9th April.

Choice of One, Two or Three-Phase Challenges

Everyone trades differently and everyone has their own goals. Therefore, not all challenges should be the same. Funds For Traders offers three choices with varying rules and prices to cater for every trader.

Here’s a quick comparison:

Cost from$11$7.50$5
Minimum Trading Days500
Daily Drawdown4%5%5%
Overall Drawdown6%10%10%
Profit Target Phase 110%8%8%
Profit Target Phase 2N/A5%5%
Profit Target Phase 3N/AN/A5%

Here are some aspects which remain constant for all challenges:

  • Leverage is 1:100
  • Profit split ranges from 80% to 90%
  • Account capital ranges from $500 to $200k
  • Drawdowns are balance-based

Why Choose Funds For Traders?

This firm offers some excellent conditions for their traders at some very reasonable prices. They are gaining popularity rapidly and we expect this to be a leading firm coming into 2024. Here is a statement from FFT:

Funds For Traders originated after we, as traders, had very positive experiences in the prop industry, but also encountered negative aspects such as refused payouts and being banned because we were considered high risk. These are things you absolutely do not want to experience as a trader. That’s why we started Funds For Traders and developed three different models based on what we would want, models that are profitable for both the trader and the firm in the long term. We have no hidden rules; everything is clear and visible on our website, and nothing is kept secret. Transparency and honesty are our top priorities. When we say something, we stick to our commitment.

It is, therefore, our mission to ensure that everyone is welcome with us, as we often say, FFT For Everyone.

Other Important Facts on Funds For Traders

Pay-outs and Withdrawal Times

The initial withdrawal is paid after 30 days of passing the challenge. Future pay-outs are paid every two weeks.

Broker and Platform

Funds for Traders uses the popular Eightcap as their broker. You can use the details below to check spreads:

Platform: MT4

Acc number: 88910433


Server: Eightcap-Real-5

For the trading platform, they use DXTrade and other platforms regulated by Eightcap.

Other Rules

News trading is allowed.

Holding trades over the weekend is allowed.

There are no consistency rules.

Gambling / all-or-nothing style of trading is prohibited.

Most EA’s and bots are allowed (check their F.A.Q for details on banned strategies)

Scaling Plan

An increase of 25% capital is allocated up to a maximum of $1 million if the following criteria are met:

  • 10% + Profit in a 4 month period


We have high hopes that Funds For Traders will be able to plug the gap for low-cost prop trading. They have already made a large impact in a short period of time which indicates they have a strong team behind them.

We plan to try these guys out in the coming weeks and report back our findings in the form of a full review. Until then, please share your experiences with us below or in our Facebook group.

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