February Prize Winners Announced (Multiple Prizes Awarded)

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Congratulations to all the February winners of our giveaways. Last month we gave away 4 free challenges to our members who now have a chance at getting funded!

Better yet, March looks to be even better with our Tradiac giveaway concluding mid-March which will see 5 members each win a $10k challenge as well as more winners on our prize wheel and Twitter giveaways.

Tradiac Giveaway – 5 x $10,000 Free Challenges

For those who haven’t entered yet, time is running out! Tradiac is a long-term partner of Prop Traders Club and we’ve ran multiple giveaways together with fantastic results.

This giveaway is hosted on our dedicated giveaway platform, kingsumo, which provides multiple entry options as well as options to improve your chances of winning.

You can head to the giveaway page with the button below:

Twitter Prop Firm Giveaways

We have recently launched a Twitter/x profile and plan on giving our followers even more giveaways.

Last week we ran our first “Quickfire Giveaway” which just requires a follow + RT to enter and runs for just 72 hours. Here’s our first winner of this new giveaway format!

This was Mark’s first giveaway win and he was extremely grateful for the opportunity. This is what our giveaways are about – providing an opportunity to break into the industry for those who might struggle otherwise.

To be notified of our next quickfire giveaway, follow us on Twitter now.

Prop Traders Club Prize Wheel

Another new giveaway format we’ve launched is the Prop Traders Club prize wheel. This is a mini-game you may come across while exploring our site. You can spin once per day, so if you don’t win the first time, just come back tomorrow!

So far, last month we awarded 3 prizes to our members who spun the prize wheel. Remember there are two ways to win:

  • Instant Win Prizes – Lucky spinners may win an instant prize such as a $5k challenge or a $25k challenge. Winners will be given a unique code which can be claimed for a free challenge.
  • Monthly Draw – You may also win tickets to the monthly draw with winners being notified at the start of each month.

So what are you waiting for? Get spinning!

More Giveaways

We are amping up our efforts to provide free challenges to our members. We are in talks with various prop firms which are looking to provide our community with some free challenges. Keep an eye out for emails from PTC Giveaways for more info.

You can also head to our giveaway directory/page by clicking here.

Good luck to all the winners!

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