Tradiac $50k Giveaway – 5 Free Challenges to Win (Bonus Entries Available)

tradiac giveaway

We’ve partnered again with Tradiac to bring the community another great giveaway. This time we have 5 x $10,000 challenges which will be won by our members.

This giveaway was created to raise exposure to this unique prop firm, therefore this giveaway is focused on social media. We understand not everyone uses all forms of social media, that’s why we have provided a variety of entry options. Read more below.

Promo Code Alert – PTC10

You can use the code “PTC10” at checkout to receive a 10% discount on any challenge offered.

The Giveaway

This giveaway is hosted on the dedicated giveaway software, Kingsumo. This app will automatically track you entries and provides the opportunity to gain extra entries by sharing on socials. You can come back to this page anytime to check your progress.

About Tradiac

There are a few great reasons we’ve decided to partner with Tradiac. Here are a few highlights of what’s on offer, for a full picture, head over to the full review above.

The Goal of the Firm / Aligned Interests

This is an important factor many traders forget to consider. If a firm’s goal is to make money via signup fees, then the chances are, they lose when you win. This causes conflicts to occur, especially if a trader makes a significant profit.

Tradiac’s business model relies on finding profitable traders to support their hedge fund. The data a profitable trader can provide is invaluable, especially with the institutional-grade capital backing of a hedge fund. This ensures when you win, they win – both parties’ interests are aligned.

Enhanced Drawdown Options

The typical overall drawdown allowance with online prop firms ranges from 6% to 12%. Whilst this may be perfectly fine for a lot of traders, newer traders or those with aggressive strategies would benefit greatly from a larger drawdown allowance.

For reference, these are the account options (called “Tracks”) in terms of drawdown allowance:

  • Tradiac Track – 5% Daily Drawdown / 10% Overall Drawdown
  • Brainiac Track – 10% Daily Drawdown / 20% Overall Drawdown
  • Maniac Track – 15% Daily Drawdown / 30% Overall Drawdown

Save Your Scaling Progress

Another feature unique to Tradiac is the ability to save your scaling progress. For example, if you start on $100k and scale to $300k. Upon a breach, you can restart on $200k instead of $100k.

This provides the best possible chance to get to that 7-figure balance. Click here to find out more about this feature.

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