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The Challenge – Finding an Expert Advisor for Prop Firms

Unfortunately, a staggering 95% of traders fail to get funded with prop trading challenges. But have you ever wondered how many challenges a trader typically fails or can afford to fail? We delved into this by surveying prop traders and discovered that about 50% had failed at least five challenges at the time of the survey.

This means that a significant number of traders are losing five times the challenge fee of their hard-earned cash in pursuit of funding, driven by their hope and ambition, yet often without success.

This very challenge sparked the creation of PropEA!

The true challenge was to find a way for traders to pay for the challenge once regardless of how many times they failed.

Introducing PropEA

PropEA, an Expert Advisor (EA), is crafted to strategically assist traders in navigating the financial and risk aspects of prop trading. It aims to either achieve the challenge target or at least recover the challenge fees, safeguarding the traders’ finances. Beyond managing cost, PropEA is a perfect solution to manage prop-funded accounts with substantial returns.

Compatible with MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5, PropEA adapts seamlessly to the most common prop trading rules.

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How PropEA Works – Specially Designed for Prop Firms

PropEA employs a well-calculated hedging strategy that prioritizes fund protection. It serves as both a risk/cost management tool for challenges and a means to profitably trade Prop-funded accounts, operating as an all-in-one valuable asset in prop trading endeavours.

For this hedging approach to work, traders need to deploy PropEA across two accounts: one prop challenge account of any size and another live account with a relatively smaller amount of funds. The live account’s size is determined by two factors: the challenge’s cost and the number of phases a trader must pass before getting funded.

Typically, you’d need up to double the challenge fee for a single-phase challenge or up to triple the challenge fee for a two-phase challenge.

Once PropEA is set up, it streamlines the process by:

  1. Calculating the optimal lot size to hit the target in the prop account.
  2. Determining the necessary lot size to recover challenge costs in the live account if the target isn’t hit.
  3. Concurrently initiating trades in both accounts.
  4. Assessing the daily drawdown level in real time based on the selected drawdown type.
  5. Setting the stop-loss orders in the prop account above the daily drawdown limit to prevent breaches.
  6. Simultaneously closing trades in both accounts upon achieving the target or hitting the SL or the max drawdown limit.
  7. Monitoring trading days and placing enough trades to ensure adherence to the minimum trading days rule.

Key Features

  1. A real-time Visual Info Panel that monitors metrics across both accounts.
  2. A graphical display of peak equity and balance at rollover time on the chart.
  3. Three distinct trade modes to choose from: Fast, Normal, or Slow, differing in trade size and distance to the target or stop-loss.
  4. The ability to execute manual trades or operate PropEA alongside another EA of your choice.
  5. Compatibility with common Daily Drawdown types including EOD Balance, EOD Equity, and the higher of EOD Balance/Equity.
  6. Automated closure of one hedge leg if the other is closed, ensuring protection against market exposure.
  7. Protecting your accounts against discrepancies when there is a mismatch between the deposit currencies of both accounts.
  8. The option to close trades automatically before weekend to comply with the “Weekend holding” rule.

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I Passed, What’s Next?

Once you successfully pass the challenge, you can run PropEA on a funded account. Here is an example with calculations to demonstrate one of the strategies the can be applied on the funded account using PropEA:

Funded Account Size: $100,000

Maximum Drawdown: 10%

Profit Split: 90%

Live Account Size: $3,000 (adjustable to your preference)

In this setup, the real leverage isn’t the entire $100k but rather the maximum allowed loss (Max DD) of 10%, which is the portion of the funded account that you truly control.

So, let’s suppose you have $10,000 in the funded account and $3,000 in your live account.

PropEA initiates trading on both, aiming to double the value of either.

If the funded account’s value doubles, you could earn $10,000, withdraw 90% ($9,000), and incur a $3,000 loss on the live account, netting a profit of $6,000.

Conversely, if your live account’s value doubles, you stand to gain a net profit of $3,000, bolstering your initial investment.

Getting Creative with PropEA

In addition to managing funded accounts, a number of our users have creatively sought ways to generate profits even during the Prop challenge phases! A popular approach involves marginally increasing the challenge cost by 10%-20%, triggering PropEA to recoup a higher amount than the original challenge fees, and securing additional profits in case the challenge isn’t successfully passed.

Does it Really Work?

Yes, PropEA users have been trading Prop challenges care-free and achieving impressive results.

Discover some of the success stories shared by our users on our Telegram channel:

You can also explore our users’ reviews on Trustpilot to get a peek into their opinions of PropEA and their experience as customers.

Moreover, PropEA has been thoroughly tested and reviewed by multiple seasoned traders, who shared their comprehensive reviews on YouTube.

PropEA Trustpilot Reviews – Overal Rating 4.4 out of 5 Stars

propEA Trustpilot Rating

How do other users feel about PropEA on Trustpilot? Check what some members have said about this unique opportunity.

so far so good

so far so good
i made a lot of mistakes that the prop ea support told me not to do but even then they where there to help me fix all the issues even they didn’t have to !
i am amazed with the support plus the results as well
after 3 weeks i got funded, easy!!!
just do what they say

Date of experience: 01 February 2024

PropEA Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of (

Here is another review from Mark who has 20 reviews in total:

This EA is amazing

This EA is amazing, I tested it on Demo and it works. Failed the demo prop and got the money back on my demo account.

I have started a 10 k Prop account, passed phase 1 and currently on phase 2. Looking great so far.

The support team is on standby to help you with every needs. They are very patient and will answer all your questions. They even helped me with it over Remote access.

I have tried many EAs previously costing a lot of money and nothing has come close to as good as this EA. With this EA, as long as you have the settings correctly and follow the instructions, you will not loose money.

When you reach the funded stage, you will come out with profit no matter what happens to your prop account. Just make sure you choose a reliable prop firm that pays out.

Also they update the EA regularly and listen to your suggestion for improvement.

It is a pleasure to work with a company like this. Well worth the money.

Prop EA is going to give me the opportunity to get out of 9-5 and will be able to transition to becoming a full-time trader.

Thank you very much Prop EA for this opportunity.

Date of experience: 02 February 2024

PropEA Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of (

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How Much Does PropEA Cost?

PropEA comes in 3 different plans with duration of the license being the main difference between those plans.

Starter (3 Months)Advanced (6 Months)Ultimate (12 Months)
  • Every user receives a 2-week extension on their original license duration, so they have enough time to test PropEA on demo accounts and get familiar with how it works.
  • PropEA license can be used on multiple challenges throughout the validity duration, but one challenge at a time.
  • Every user receives 2 versions of PropEA, for MT4 and MT5.
  • Our support team is available 24/5 to answer questions or provide setup assistance via remote desktop.
  • Users are eligible for a refund for two weeks from the time of their PropEA purchase as long as they’re testing on demo accounts.

Minimize Your Risk with PropEA


Here is a list of the most common questions our support team receives:

  1. What is the pass rate of PropEA?
    1. PropEA utilizes a well calculated hedging strategy that will either pass your challenge or recover the cost of the challenge, so you don’t have to pay for your next attempt. Therefore, the pass rate is ultimately 100%.
  2. Can I run PropEA on an ongoing challenge?
    1. Yes, you can run PropEA on an ongoing challenge with trade history.
  3. If I trade manually, would PropEA automatically hedge my positions?
    1. Yes, If you place a trade manually on your prop account, PropEA will automatically execute hedging in your real account with the correct lot size. No action is required on your real/live account.
  4. Can I use PropEA to pass multiple challenges?
    1. Yes, once you finish a challenge, you can run PropEA on a new challenge if your license is still valid. But ONE challenge at a time.
  5. Does PropEA require a minimum leverage to work?
    1. No, there is no leverage requirement for PropEA to work but the higher the better. If the leverage on your Prop or Live account is lower than 1:50, it is recommended that you change the “Trade Mode” in your EA settings to “Normal” or “Slow”.

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Discount Available! – Code: PTClub15

The developers of this expert advisor have provided us with a code to provide a 15% discount on all licence plans.

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