CTrader Now Available at The Funded Trader – DX Trader Launching Soon

The Funded Trader CTrader

For those who have been following the recent upset with MetaQuotes, this comes as great news. The Funded Trader has become one of the first to introduce more platforms, reducing the risk to traders.

At present, we expect more prop firms to announce losing their ability to offer MetaTrader to its users. This comes from regulatory pressure from US financial conduct administrators.

The safest option is to avoid MetaTrader until the industry has a clearer picture of their duties and responsibilities.

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Why Choose CTrader?

All the problems in the industry at the moment seem to revolve around MetaQuotes. By opting to choose CTrader as your trading platform, you avoid the risk of losing the account due to the prop firm losing it’s MQ licence.

Additionally, CTrader has some great features including:

  • In-built programming algo language – You can build alternatives to expert advisors with the in-built algo tools offered by CTrader.
  • Advanced Order Types – CTrader offers a wider range of order types as standard than MetaTrader. For example, you can choose to close portions of your trade at set profit targets.
  • User-Friendly – CTrader is far more user-friendly than MetaTrader for the average trader.

About The Funded Trader – Including Current Promotions

The Funded Trader have been one step ahead of the game from the start. They are innovative and proactive in the development of their prop offering.

They offer a range of accounts including:

  • Standard, Royal and Rapid Challenges – These follow the standard 2-step prop firm evaluation model each with different rules. We recommend checking out the Royal challenge which is our favourite!
  • Knights Challenge – The Knight challenge is a single-phase challenge which just requires a single target of 10% profit to be reached. It’s also with noting that you can get paid out in just 7 days!
  • Dragon Challenge – The latest challenge created by TFT is the low-cost 3-phase option which opens the doors for more traders who may not have the capital required for the other challenges.

For more information on these challenges, why not check out our simple guide. For information on the latest Dragon Challenge, you can click here.

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