(Coming Soon!) The Funded Trader Dragon Challenge – Low-cost Three-Phase Option

the funded trader dragon

It’s been a while since The Funded Trader launched their single-phase knight challenge and traders have been eagerly awaiting the next innovative program. We now have the details and can confirm it will be the “Dragon Challenge”.

The Dragon Challenge opens the doors for traders who are looking for serious capital without the higher signup fees. For those confident in their strategy, this is a great opportunity to get your hands on huge amounts of capital – and profits!

RELEASE DATE: 30th November

What is the Dragon Challenge?

The dragon challenge is similar to the rapid challenge in that the first two phases require an 8%/5% profit target. Upon passing the second phase, you will be required to pass a third phase with a 5% profit target.

But why add an additional phase you may ask, doesn’t it make the challenge harder? By adding a third phase, The Funded Trader can further filter out the serious traders from the “have-a-go” traders, which allows them to offer extremely competitive pricing.

How Much Does the Dragon Challenge Cost?

tft dragon challenge price

As you can see, the prices for the Dragon Challenge are significantly less than those of other challenges.

For perspective, a standard $200k challenge will cost $939 whilst the dragon challenge will cost almost half of this at $495.

This can be further reduced by using a promo code which can offer up to 40% off. Click here for the latest promo codes.

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