Get 40% a $5k or $10k Challenge with The Funded Trader

40% off the funded trader

This is a great promotion on offer by The Funded Trader and gives traders the chance to try this firm for around $40.

The Funded Trader is renowned for their huge payouts and close-knit community which features over 100k discord members. The top trader of this firm has been paid out over $500k with many others reaching six-figure payouts.

If you are looking for a trustworthy prop firm, try out TFT today. Details of the promotions are below.

Promo Code: Conquer40

Use the above code at checkout in the “promo code” section.

Affiliate Code: PTC10

Use this in the affiliate code section (it may be filled in already).

Other Details

This promotion is valid until the end of November.

The code also gives an extra 25% bonus on the fee refund.

It has unlimited uses.

Is this code not working? Click here to get the latest code for The Funded Trader

Looking for more info about this firm, or not sure which challenge to buy? Click here.

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