FTMO Premium Programme Launched – Acheive Prime and Supreme Status

Ftmo premium prime program

FTMO were perhaps the first online prop firm to go mainstream with retail traders. Since then they have paid out hundreds of millions to traders across the globe.

They have gained a fantastic reputation in the industry as a firm that pays out every time. For any trader who doesn’t feel like taking the risk with a newer firm or those who want to aim for large payouts, FTMO is the way to go.

Now it gets better! The premium programme features two new account levels:

  • Level 1 – Prime Status
  • Level 2 – Supreme Status

Upon reaching supreme status, traders will have a chance to level up their game by moving to the land-based proprietary trading firm, Quantlane.

What is FTMO Prime Status?

Prime status is the first level in the new premium programme. Achieving this point is no easy task and will require a lot of hard work, discipline and technical ability. For those elite traders though, you will be rewarded with exclusive perks, outlined below.

Prime Status Requirments

To achieve prime status, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have an active funded account (excluding aggressive accounts)
  • You must have no failed challenges in the prior 4 months.
  • Have at least 4 payouts, each with at least 4% profit gained.

Prime Status Rewards

Here is what you will receive upon reaching prime status:

  • A free challenge (equal to your current account)
  • Upgrade to 90% Payouts
  • Increased max capital allowance to $600k
  • Access to the new $400k challenge
  • 10% Discount, personal account manager and more…

What is FTMO Supreme Status?

Supreme status is designed for the top 1% of funded traders. If you can prove your ability to achieve this converted status, you will be entitled to the best rewards possible with this elite firm.

Supreme Status Requirments

To achieve the supreme status you must have been trading on an account with prime status for a minimum of 3 months, whilst also obtaining at least three withdrawals of 4%+ profits.

Additionally, you must be trading a $400k account, which can be made of of 2x $200k if you choose.

Supreme Status Rewards

The rewards for supreme traders are:

  • Instant Payouts
  • Max Capital upgraded again to $1m
  • Removal of the daily loss limit
  • Exclusive merch + Badge
  • Access to apply for Quantlane, FTMO’s land-based proprietary trading firm.

What is Quantlane? FTMO’s Newest Venture

From the FTMO site:

The ultimate climax of the Premium Programme shall be our acquired traditional proprietary trading company – Quantlane.

Quantlane was founded in 2014 and since this year operates under the wings of the FTMO Group. The company is filled with mathematicians, engineers, quants, developers, and trading enthusiasts who build multiple trading strategies in order to tackle the challenges in the financial markets. Once you qualify for the Supreme status, you will have the opportunity to be assessed for a job position at this traditional proprietary trading firm to bring your trading career among the professionals in the highest levels of the industry.

If the outcome of the assessment is positive, you may expect the following benefits of this programme:

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