Where Can I Get a The Funded Trader Affiliate Code (Answered)

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If you are looking for an affiliate code for The Funded Trader, check below! We will also keep an updated promo code here to ensure you receive the maximum discount on your The Funded Trader Challenge.

Affiliate Code: PTC10

This affiliate code will provide a 10% discount on any challenge bought.

Current Promo Code: TFTDECEMBER25

tft discount code

Terms: 25% Discount and 125% fee refund plus 12.5% profit from demo

End Date: December 25th 2023

Want to know more about the funded trader challenges?

We have created an article which takes a deep look into the various funding options provided by The Funded Trader. This covers the following challenge models:

  • Standard (Two-Phase)
  • Rapid (Two-Phase)
  • Royal (Two-Phase)
  • Knight (Single-phase)

The Funded Trader is also part of the verified prop firm list.

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