Where can I get a Smart Prop Trader Discount Code? (Answered)

smart prop trader

Smart Prop Trader is a mid-sized prop firm offering traders up to $200k capital upon passing their two-phase evaluation. They are mainly known for their low prices which are far below average.

If you are looking for a discount or promo code for this firm, we have one for you!

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Smart Prop Trader Discount Code

To claim your discount (5%-10%) simply use the following code:

Promo Code: FXX41

Smart Prop Trader Reviews (and Trustpilot)

Smart Prop Trader is a Verified Prop Firm which means we have researched this firm’s background, community feedback, founder information and more, and are happy to recommend this firm to our traders.

This firm currently has a rating of 4.7 on Trustpilot with many praising the low prices and fast, helpful support team.

You can view all the reviews from TrustPilot here.

How Much Do the Smart Prop Challenges Cost?

The prices for this firm are particularly great value with the $10k challenge costing just $67. The $200k challenge fee is currently set at $867.

For all the prices, see the table below.

$10k Challenge$67
$25k Challenge$167
$50k Challenge$267
$100k Challenge$467
$200k Challenge$867

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