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Tradelocker and funderpro

FunderPro – Major Prop Firm to Offer The TradingView Platform

Some traders will still remember the days before retail trading went online. You will have to open the papers and scan financial headlines for the macroeconomic overview. You could get some investment tips from close circles of contacts.

Technical analysis might involve manually plotting stock price movements on paper charts. If you decide to place a trade, you will call your broker or visit them in person. Brokers, in turn, will send the order to the exchange. How times have changed!

Enter TradingView.

Prop traders need to gear themselves for success with the most cutting-edge trading technology in order to stay ahead of the game. In this review, we will discuss this popular charting software and prop firms that use TradingView, including the game-changer prop firm FunderPro.

TradingView: 10 million collaborative charting scripts and ideas

TradingView is arguably the most powerful charting software on the planet. Maybe there are some day traders out on Mars leveraging next-level price charts, but here on Earth, this is the platform of choice for over 50 million traders and investors.

tradingview premium

Here is what makes TradingView leave its competition in the dust:

➢ Supercharged charting tools with multiple timeframes

➢ 100+ prebuilt popular indicators

➢ 100K+ public indicators

➢ 90+ smart drawing tools

➢ PineScript for traders to code

➢ Smart autosaving of SL/TP orders for seamless trading

➢ PineScript for programmatic trading & chart customization

TradingView has revolutionized trading with its sleek array of trading tools and continues to evolve with regular updates and software developments. PineScript- the TradingView proprietary language – is now in version 5.0 with new functionalities including switch loops, libraries and more. Traders can create “Watchlists” of favoured assets (the investor’s version of the Amazon Wishlist!) which they can share with family and friends.

Traders need not be tied to their desks thanks to mobile updates including paper trading (no trees are harmed in this TradingView feature!) for demo testing of new trades or backtesting strategies. Investing inspiration can be found in the TradingView curated “Sparks” section with inventive collections of assets to watch out for, with lists such as “Strange Stocks: Weird Public Companies” or “Alcohol Stocks: Fancy a Shot?”

Prop Firms that Use TradingView

Of course, TradingView boasts the best analytical and charting tools available, but you can’t execute trades without your prop firm. TradingView enables traders and investors to access real-time market data, analyze price dynamics, custom build indicators and price charts.


To execute trades and place orders, you will need to connect the software to a compatible brokerage platform or balance both software programs simultaneously to transform knowledge gleaned from one into profits through the other.

In short, for all its numerous accolades, TradingView is simply not a trading platform. As a prop trader, you will need to find one of the prop firms that use TradingView. You will need your prop firm brokerage platform to:

❖ Execute trades

❖ Access live market data

❖ Place and manage orders (market, limit, stop)

❖ Manage your trades

❖ Deposit and withdraw funds

As you can see, these are pretty essential steps when it comes to online trading! Ideally, you want a trading platform that integrates access TradingView and all its advanced charting tools with trading capabilities. Enter TradeLocker.

TradeLocker: next-gen platform for chart trading

The latest development in FinTech, TradeLocker is an all-in-one trading platform that is blasting a wind of high-tech updates into what has become a desert of outdated platforms. While still in beta version, brokers are migrating to TradeLocker in droves for its innovative next-gen trading features. TradeLocker offers:

➢ Intuitive interface for clean-cut visuals

➢ On-chart operations with One-Click trading

➢ Optimized for all devices for traders on the move

➢ TradingView integration for advanced charting capabilities

When it comes to trading platforms, software updates have been few and far between. That is why TradeLocker with its energetic pitch of advanced trading features and exciting roadmap of future innovations is taking the trading world by storm.

While there are other inbuilt charting tools, not all prop firms have TradingView. In addition to that, TradeLocker impresses with its feature-packed platform that fuses charting analysis and trading as one – traders can open, close, and manage their trades directly on the charts.

In short, TradeLocker is the rocket fuel to your TradingView Ferrari, the arrow to your bow. You can leverage the thousands of indicators and accelerated charting technology for binocular market vision – and already in TradeLocker, you can place your trade without losing a market beat. Yet – have the Ferrari with a full tank and now we just need the key.

FunderPro: TradeLocker & TradingView In-One

Welcome to the world of online trading. As retail trading went online, and brokers raced to release ever-evolving platforms, trading technology is already next-generation. Yet the crown of choice often quickly turns to a yoke of overwhelming options. With millions of assets to choose from, potential strategies to deploy, and trading brokerage platforms hustling for your funds, it can be a ruthless realm.

FunderPro is a popular prop firm, increasingly the traders’ choice for its user-friendly interface, fast-payout track record, and flexible funding programs. Traders looking to get funded with FunderPro have unlimited time to complete the Challenge – highly increasing chances of success. Unlike many competitor prop firms with TradingView, FunderPro offers all its traders live accounts from the get-go, and STP execution with no re-quotes. FunderPro fuels its traders for success by offering the best trading tools available – including the state of-the-art charting and analytics leveraged through their native platform TradeLocker.

In trading, as in life, efficiency is key to success.

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