Verified Firms

This is our list of all prop firms we have personally verified to be running legitimate businesses.

In order to be on this list firms must maintain:

  • A 4+ Trustpilot score (we factor in fake or sponsored reviews)
  • No spike in negative reviews
  • No hidden or ambiguous rules
  • A neutral/good standing in the Prop Traders Club community
  • Reasonable methods of communication
  • Trading for a minimum of 3 months
  • Verifiable owner/company details

In general, these are the firms that offer traders a fair chance at being funded. As always, make sure to do your own research and have a full understanding of a firm’s rules before taking on any challenge.

Our Top Choice – Top Tier Trader

Top Tier Trader is a firm headed by the hugely successful traders Quillan Black and Anthony Williams. They grew to a prop firm that has traders from over 108 different currencies who control over $150 million of capital. They offer fast payments, simple rules and a tried and tested challenge model.



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Surgetrader are a US-based prop firm offering traders the ability to trade up to $1 million immediately after passing the 1-phase challenge. They have a secure source of capital giving traders some piece of mind that their account is safe.

My Funded FX

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My Funded FX is a fast-growing and innovative prop firm based out of Texas, USA. Since launching in 2022 they continuously improved their services including switching to no time limits across all their challenges. Be sure to check out their discord to see what they are working on next.


FTMO was founded in 2014 in Prague by a trio of traders. They are often regarded as an industry leader and have built a fantastic reputation. They have paid out over $70 million to traders to date and have traders in over 180 countries!

The Funded Trader

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The Funded Trader was formed in 2019 when two CEOs of forex educational companies came together Blake Olsen and Angelo Ciaramello. They have a great reputation in the industry for innovation and continuously improving their service.


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Funded Next is a multinational prop firm with a great track record of treating traders fairly. They offer accounts up to $200k, giving traders the opportunity to make a full-time income.

Stocknet Institute

Stocknet Institute

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Stocknet institute is a live trading room turned online prop firm. They launched their first prop accounts in March 2022. They provide exclusively live funding accounts.

My Forex Funds logo

My Forex Funds

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My Forex Funds was founded in 2020 in Canada. They have quickly risen to be a leading prop firm with over 120,000 traders across 80 countries. They are popular due to their relaxed rules, huge drawdown limits and reasonable profit targets.

The 5%ers

The 5%ers are a well-regarded online prop firm founded by Gil Ben Hur in 2016. They are seeking the top 5% of traders and attract them by offering fast scaling, simple pay-outs and innovative funding models.

Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital Group

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Alpha Capital Group are a new and exciting prop firm boasting an in-house brokerage with 0% commissions, a slick and feature-packed dashboard as well as a free monthly competition. Make sure to use the code: CASHBACK for discounts.

The Concept Trading

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The Concept trading is an Australian-based trading educational company who are moving into the prop trading industry. They offer coaching, courses and a number of funding models.

Traders with Edge

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Traders with edge was launched in early 2022 with offices in the US and Hong Kong. They have strong educational and community features to help traders become successful.



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FTUK was founded in February 2021 in London, UK. They run regular promotions and offer traders the opportunity to trade with up to $5.7 million in funds after scaling just 7 times!

City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium are a UK-based prop firm founded in 2018 by a seasoned team of traders. They focus on educating their traders to improve their skills and profitability. They have some great resources on their website including a free monthly competition.

Funded Trading Plus

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Funded Trading Plus is an exciting prop firm founded by Simon M in 2013. The firm is run by a great team of traders who have developed the company into one of the UK’s leader prop firms.

Lux Trading Firm

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Lux Trading Firm is a professional London-based prop firm offering traders the ability to trade up to and above $10 million! They provide their traders with some amazing educational resources and even a personal risk manager to consult with.

ment funding

Ment Funding

Ment Funding is a popular firm which offers a single-phase challenge. Traders to take this challenge have exceptionally high pass rates which is a testament to the value this firm provides.

True Forex Funds

True forex Funds offer traders a funded account after passing a two-phase challenge. One particular perk of this firm is the ability to use cTrader which has some great features built-in.

audacity capital

Audacity Capital

Audacity Capital is a prestigious, long-running prop firm located in London, UK. They offer traders excellent opportunities for career growth. They have a number of training courses and coaching sessions available.

glow node logo

Glow Node

Glow Node is a relatively new prop firm which offers the standard two-phase funding model. They also create custom indicators for their traders to use as well as have a large community to learn from.



Traderseed is an interesting alternative to traditional prop funding. They have created a gamified system in which you progress through levels in a “quest” in order to receive set payouts.

The Trading Pit

The Trading Pit offers some unique options in the prop trading world. For one, they are one of the few firms to offer futures and forex, opening the doors to all kinds of traders. They also have an unparalleled option of platforms to choose from. - For serious traders