Who’s the CEO of My Forex Funds (Including Interview)

Who is the CEO

The CEO of My Forex Funds is Murtuza Kazmi.

In this article, we will look at Murtuza’s goals for My Forex Funds and why he decided to start this revolutionary prop firm.

We will also include a link to MFF and a discount code at the bottom.

About My Forex Funds (MFF)

At the time of writing, My Forex Funds is the most visited online prop firm in the industry. The firm took the industry by storm back in 2020 with its flexible challenges with rules far laxer than the competition.

In particular, the 12% drawdown was unique at the time and opened the doors for traders with higher-risk strategies as well as newer traders wanting to try their hand at prop trading.

In just three short years, the firm had overtaken its predecessors, FTMO and the 5%ers in terms of monthly pageviews and continues to be a major player in the industry.

My Forex Funds is a Verified Prop Firm and is also available on our comparison tool, FX Funding Finder.

About the Founder – Murtuza Kazmi

Murtuza created the company back in July 2020 and has been head of the company since. He, as well as the company, are based in Toronto, Canada, but welcome traders from around the globe.

Murtuza has been open about how the company is operated, often sharing backend information in interviews. This transparency may be another reason why the company has done particularly well in this crowded market.

One interview, in particular, we found quite interesting is the following between Murtuza and Kimmel Trading.

This interview covers some great questions about the CEO and the company such as:

  • Why did you start My Forex Funds?
  • Why did you start My Forex Funds?
  • Customer support My Forex Funds
  • Does My Forex Funds take traders’ trades?
  • How many traders pass My Forex Funds Challenge?
  • How many traders fail the live account?
  • And many more

Want to get started with My Forex Funds? Here’s a Discount Code

You can use the code: 5QK8Z86V

This code will entitle the user to a 5% discount on any challenge offered by My Forex Funds.

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