Where can I get a FunderPro Promo Code? (Answered)

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FunderPro is an innovative new prop firm which offers traders the ability to trade up to $200,000 of capital upon passing a two-stage evaluation. They are known for their great support, high-profile sponsorships and their next-gen custom platform, Tradelocker.

If you are looking for a discount for this firm, we have been generously provided with a code which provides 10% off any account with FunderPro.

Discount Code: PTC10

You can use this code at checkout to receive a 10% discount from their $25k accounts all the way up to their $200k accounts.

The code does not have an expiry date and comes with no other restrictions.

FunderPro is a Verified Prop Firm.

We have verified FunderPro to be running a legitimate prop firm. To find out more about verified firms head to our verified firms page.

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