FunderPro Giveaway Update – Extra Prize Added!

FunderPro Giveaway

The team at FunderPro are grateful for the feedback on their new platform, TradeLocker.

FunderPro is now offering the group an extra $25,000 challenge in return for some constructive feedback.


  • TradeLocker offers the ability to trade directly on TradingView charts.
  • Using TradeLocker you have the ability to use “one-click trading”
  • FunderPro has account sizes up to $200k which you can scale to up to $5m!
  • After passing the FunderPro challenge, you will be trading with live funds (not demo).
  • FunderPro is active on Discord – Click here to head to the FunderPro discount now.


To get another entry into this giveaway follow these steps.

You can see the original giveaway post here.

Step One

Sign up for a FunderPro free trial if you haven’t already, choosing the TradeLocker platform.

Step Two

Comment on our Facebook post on what you feel could be improved with the TradeLocker platform.

To confirm you can now get up to two entries for this giveaway to win one of two accounts!

Head to FunderPro

Click here to head to Funderpro and explore the TradeLocker platform today!

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