FunderPro Payments Update – Credit Cards Now Accepted!

funderpro credit card payments

FunderPro is an innovative prop firm offering traders the ability to manage up to $5,000,000 of live trading capital. Up until now, they had only accepted cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

Now they have opened up the doors to more traders by adding a credit card payment option when purchasing an evaluation.

FunderPro is a Verified Prop Firm

How to Get Started with FunderPro

It’s never been easier to get started with FunderPro. In this section, we’ll go over the steps to begin trading with this firm.

Step One – Head to FunderPro

Use the button below to open FunderPro (in a new tab). Simply enter your details to create your free account.

Step Two – Familiarise Yourself with the Rules and Targets

As with any prop firm, FunderPro has a set of rules which must be followed before funding can be given. Make sure you understand these before taking a challenge to give yourself the best possible chances of success.

You also have the option of a free trial to better understand the platform and challenge.

Step Three – Choose the Level of Capital you Require

FunderPro offers a range of account sizes from $25k up to $200k. Choose the level you require and head to the checkout.

Step Four – Make Payment (Don’t forget the discount code!)

You can now pay the registration fee with either cryptocurrency or a credit/debit card. Don’t forget to use the discount code below to receive a fantastic 10% discount!

Code: PTC10

Step Five – Receive Trading Credentials and Begin Trading!

It’s as simple as that! You are now ready to begin trading with FunderPro. Stay disciplined and prove your ability and you will soon be a funded trader.

Want to see what traders are saying about FunderPro?

Here are some first-hand reviews on FunderPro:

Hi, I am trader from Bali – Indonesia, been used Funder Pro for almost 3 month, they have no time limits to trade is very helpful for mostly traders. Hopelly they accept Credit Card or Local Bank Transfer in the future, and no issues for daily traders withdraw. thanks

FunderPro Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of (

I’ve been using this funded broker pretty much since its launch and here’s what I can say:

The funded account challenge is straightforward, in line with industry standards. Where it stands out, however, is that you have unlimited time to complete it. And that’s super important if you’re going through a dry spell and there’s nothing to trade.

They’re also using their own proprietary trading platform called TradeLocker that’s integrated with TradingView, so that’s a big advantage.

The profit targets of 10% in Phase One and 8% in Phase Two are easy to hit when you have months to trade.

Pair that with low fees and a wealth of assets available for trading, including forex, stock, indices, and crypto, and you’re well on your way to getting funded with up to $200K.

Overall, I’d recommend FunderPro as a reliable platform, and it’s worth keeping an eye on it since it’s fairly new but getting traction by the day.

FunderPro Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of (

Traders also have great feedback regarding the unique platform FunderPro offer, TradeLocker:

TradeLocker is fast and smooth. Beautiful design for user experience. Also the platform has almost the same amout of instruments as tradingview

Tanatswa Mbewe – Prop Traders Club

I love that when you click on the instrument in Open Orders Tab it automatically switches to that chart. Some platforms will not switch when you do that, love the little things.

Alex Jenson – Prop Traders Club

Still have Questions?

Check out our full FunderPro review here.

Alternatively, you can reach out to FunderPro support via live chat, email and phone. Details are available here.

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