FX Funding Finder App – Updated

FX Funding Finder

We have now updated the FX Funding Finder mobile and web app. All firms and challenges are now correct as of 16th June 2023. We will continue to monitor for updates on a weekly basis.

The app now features 27 prop firms and over 315 challenges!

What is the FX Funding Finder App?

This app is designed to help prop traders find a challenge or prop account that fits their trading style and risk appetite. You can use the app to filter, search and explore over 315 different challenges by using a number of filters and search options, including:

  • Leverage – Choose the minimum level of leverage you require for your trading.
  • Search by Prop Firm – Choose a particular prop firm to easily explore all their challenges/accounts
  • Capital – Choose the minimum level of capital you require
  • Price – Set a minimum or maximum price limit to suit your budget
  • Time Limits – Search by time limits or chose all “No Time Limit” option

There are also some quick view options in which you can easily search through all accounts of a similar style. These currently include:

  • Search all no time limit accounts
  • Search all accounts under $100
  • Search all accounts over $100k capital
  • Search all instant funding accounts

How Can I Use the FX Funding Finder?

Currently, there are two ways to use this tool.

For desktop users, you can click here to open up the FX Funding Finder web app. (It’s also available in the side-bar)

For Android users, you can download the app from Google Play by clicking here.

We are currently working on an option for Apple users.

You can find more information about the app here.

If you would like your firm listed on the app, please send an email to Tony@proptraders.club.

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