New Feature at FunderPro – Continue Trading From Free Trial

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FunderPro has just released this cool new feature in which you can convert a free trial into a challenge account. This allows you to not only test out the trading conditions but to also save your progress if you are doing well in the free trial.

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Here are the details (from FunderPro):

Let’s get straight to the great news: from today, if you have a trial with at least 1% profit you can convert it into a Funded Account Challenge, carrying over the profit, and (wait for it, can I have a drum roll, please 🥁)… for no additional cost!

This means that you can get a head start to pass phase 1.

Let us recap:

  • Start trading on a free trial account
  • Be in profit of at least 1%
  • Convert the trial into a Funded Account Challenge
  • Keep the balance of the trial account
  • Pay the standard price of a challenge

This feature is already available, but you should hurry up, because the conversion at no extra cost is not going to last forever!

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