The Funded Trader Giveaway! Two $5000 Challenges Up For Grabs – Unlimited Entries!

the funded trader giveaway

Big thanks to the team at The Funded Trader who are providing our members with two free $5000 challenges. To keep things fair, we’ve got some new giveaway software which will automatically collect entries and choose winners!

How to Enter

Use the embedded widget below to submit your name and email for your first 3 entries. You will then be given an option to get more entries for various tasks.

Even better, you will receive 3 additional entries for each user you refer!

About The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader is one of the largest online prop firms with traders around the globe. They offer a range of account types to suit all kinds of traders.

Click here to view a breakdown of the various challenges.

TFT Promotions

This firm always has some of the best promotions around, see below for the current promotions which are active alongside this giveaway:

15% off + 95% first profit split + 110% refund

Affiliate Code: TFTTrader9858971

10% off + 90% lifetime payout + 125% refund

Affiliate Code: TFTTrader9858971

Both promotions ends September 30th 🗓️

The Giveaway


Financial instrument trading, including simulated trading activities referenced by or
undertaken utilizing The Funded Trader LLC, involves substantial risk of loss and is not
suitable for every investor. The valuation of financial instruments, such as foreign exchange
contracts, futures, and options, may be highly volatile and fluctuate significantly and as a
result, clients may lose or gain more than their initial trade order. The impact of seasonal
and geopolitical events may be already factored into market prices. The highly leveraged
nature of simulated trading means that even small price movements may have a great impact
on a simulated trading account, potentially resulting in substantial losses or gains. The
Funded Trader does not offer or provide simulated trading or investment recommendations,
and any simulated trading or investment decisions you make are entirely your responsibility
and at your own risk. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The
performance quoted represents past performance in a simulated environment and does not
guarantee current or future performance or that losses will not occur.

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    The best of best_( prop traders club)

  2. Isaac Olowoloba

    Thank you prop traders club. TFT to the moon!

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