10 Great Reasons to Choose The Funded Trader for your Next Prop Challenge

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How many online prop firms can you name that happily hand over $203,000 to a single trader, in a single payout? Or celebrate their top traders, one of whom has withdrawn over $500k?

Not many.

The Funded Trader is different, however. Instead of looking for reasons to avoid paying their profitable traders, they celebrate with them and use their success as a means to inspire others.

There are plenty more reasons for traders to partner with this firm; I will go over 10 of them in this article.

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1. They Have a Wide Range of Funding Options (With More on the Way!)

Not every trader is the same. Therefore not every challenge should be the same.

At The Funded Trader, there are currently four distinct funding models to choose from which can cater to almost any trader. Here is a brief overview:

  • Standard Challenge – This is a balanced option and suitable for most traders. EAs are not allowed by default but an addon can be purchased at checkout.
  • Rapid Challenge – For traders looking to get funded and paid faster, the rapid option features 0 minimum trading days and only 14 days for the first payout.
  • Royal Challenge – This is similar to the standard challenge but with EAs allowed and increased leverage.
  • Knight Challenge – Skip the second phase with the single-phase Knight challenge. This is the fastest way to get funded and paid with 0 minimum trading days and just a 7-day wait for the first withdrawal.

Coming Soon! The Dragon Challenge. This is a low-cost option which offers traders the ability to save money on fees by completing a third phase (8%/5%/5%). For more information on this, check out our recent post.

2. There are Regular Promotions to Give Traders Extra Value

Get a range of perks by signing up with a special promo code which gives the user extra benefits such as:

  • Discount of the signup fee
  • Boosted refund i.e. 150% off the joining fee back when you pass the challenge
  • Increased payout split – either for the first payout or all payouts
  • Profit share from the demo phases

The Funded Trader typically offer 2 to 3 of these bonuses with each promotion. You can find the latest promo details in a number of places such as their discord, the banner on their site or by following us. Stay up to date by joining our mailing list below.

3. Transparency is a Core Value with The Funded Trader

Anyone following the current My Forex Funds debacle will understand how important transparency is in this industry. There are countless shady, faceless “prop firms” who reel traders in with unrealistic promises before cutting off all contact.

Transparency in a prop firm is key to building healthy relationships with its traders. Basic forms of transparency include sharing company info such as the CEO’s name, business location etc. The Funded Trader takes it one step further.

Angelo, the CEO, regularly shares details about the business operations, difficulties, updates and statistics with the community. This gives traders the ability to fully understand the business and how they fit into it. Check out this awesome video between Angelo and Kimmel Trading for some of these insights.


4. Get Free Prizes and Other Perks with the TFT Treasure Hunt Program

Another unique feature of The Funded Trader is the Treasure Hunt app. Earn points each month by completing various tasks such as sharing TFT on socials, following on social media and creating video reviews.

Points can be used to receive various prizes including:

  • Exclusive Promotional Codes
  • Large Discounts
  • Free Challenges
  • Spins on the Prize Wheel
TFT Treasure Hunt

It’s completely free to join and simple to get started. Click here to check it out now.

5. Earn a Secondary Income (or a main income) with the Lucrative Affiliate Program

As many of you will know, if you purchase a challenge via us, we will receive a commission (with no extra expense to you). This is known as an affiliate partnership.

Whilst some businesses require a large audience or a professional website to apply for an affiliate partnership, TFT welcomes anyone wishing to share their services.

You can earn up to 15% commission per sale plus receive other rewards such as free challenges or cash bonuses. You can also be invited to join the Slack channel and have input on how the company is run and suggest updates.

For more information on prop firm affiliate programs, check out our complete guide here.

6. Grab a Free Challenge with One of the Many Giveaways

The funded trader giveaway

The Funded Trader gives out hundreds (yes hundreds!) of free accounts every month. The Funded Trader giveaways are usually always unique and quirky with the latest giveaway awarding prizes to those helping out their local community on Thanksgiving.

Other giveaways include sharing Twitter threads, participating in the discord server and even predicting the results of UFC (we suspect Angelo is a fan!).

Furthermore, we also occasionally partner with The Funded Trader to bring giveaways to Prop Traders Club members. We usually run these giveaways in our Facebook group (Prop Traders Club) click here to join our group now.

7. Get Involved with the Massive Community

As far as we are aware, TFT has the largest discord community in the industry, with almost 100k members. You can also find them active on a range of other socials too.

Many traders will know that trading is often a lonely profession. This is especially true for online prop traders as it usually means working from home. So why not join a huge community of like-minded people to share your experiences with?

The discord server in particular is a great method as it has specific channels such as funded traders, general discussion, affiliates and Trade ideas.

Click here to join the Discord server.

8. TFT Takes the Pay Out Anxiety Away, Get Paid Everytime.

How many times have you earned a nice profit on a funded account and worried about whether you will actually get paid? The Funded Trader pays out every time (so long as you played fair and followed the rules).

As we mentioned in the intro, The Funded Trader takes pride in the fact their traders are withdrawing huge sums. Check out this one trader who has just received $108k and whose lifetime earnings are almost $500k!

The Funded Trader profits

This trader is not alone too! Head over the to “Payout Proof” section on the discord to see thousands of other traders sharing their profits.

9. Take it Offline. Meet the Team and Other Traders at a TFT In-Person Event

the funded trader offline
A meetup of the top traders and TFT team.

Meet other traders at an in-person event, usually in Miami where the TFT offices are located. We hope to head over next year and meet the team at one of these events (even if just to escape the Scottish climate for a few days!).

We have also been informed that these in-person events are ramping up, with TFT sponsoring offline meetups across the globe. We may even set one up over here in the UK!

We will keep an eye out for the next event and update the community in due course.

10. Constant Innovation. TFT Never Stops Moving

If the other 9 reasons haven’t convinced you that TFT are great firm, here is perhaps the best reason of all. The Funded Trader doesn’t stand still.

Whether it’s improving trading conditions, conjuring new funding models or listening to feedback from the community, TFT is constantly improving.

By investing heavily in the betterment of the business, TFT can maintain its lead as a top prop firm and continue to bring amazing opportunities to its traders.

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