A Complete Guide to Prop Firm Affiliate Programs

Prop Firm Affiliate Programs

As many of you may know, this website generates most of its revenue via prop firm affiliate programs. Most prop firms have affiliate programs which are open to just about anyone who would like to promote their services. In return, you can be awarded between 5%-25% of any challenges bought.

In this guide, we will cover the benefits of joining these programs, ways to promote your affiliate links and take a look at some of our favourite affiliate programs (based on our experience).

What is a Prop Firm Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is an arrangement between an individual and a prop firm in which you sign up members using a specific link and in return, you will receive a portion of each sale.

You can find all kinds of affiliate programs in practically any industry. Sometimes these are called a “refer a friend” scheme or similar. In the prop trading industry, typical commissions range from 5% to 25% which can give affiliate partners a great source of income.

Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

There are some great benefits to becoming an affiliate partner in the prop trading world. Let’s go over a few.

  • Passive Income – After a bit of initial work, you can expect to generate recurring income without having to spend hours staring at a screen. You will even earn money while you sleep!
  • Easy to Join – Many prop firms allow anyone to join their affiliate programs. It is usually as simple as filling out a signup form. Some firms, however, require you to have an existing audience.
  • Low/no Cost to Start – You can begin affiliate marketing without having to spend a penny. A small budget will drastically improve your opportunities though (around $50-$100 should suffice).
  • Low-risk – Unlike trading, there is very little in the way of risk with affiliate marketing.
  • Work from Anywhere – Similar to trading, you can build/run your affiliate marketing business from anywhere in the world.
  • You Can Build a Sellable Asset – If you choose to promote via a blog/website, you create an asset which you can sell to other entrepreneurs. Most affiliate websites sell for between 30 and 40 times the average monthly net profit. This means if you create a website which generates $1000 a month, you can sell the website for between $30,000 and $40,000!

List of Prop Firm Affiliate Programs

It’s essential to choose the right prop firms to partner with – not all affiliate programs are created equally. Here are some considerations to think about.

Prop Firm Quality/Reputation – Rule number 1, do not promote a firm you wouldn’t use yourself. Not only will this be harmful to the traders referred, it will also damage your own credibility. Do your research and make sure the firms you are promoting are legitimate and offer value to your audience.

Tracking Software – This is one of the first things I look at when joining an affiliate program. Firms that use cookie tracking or other advanced software tend to perform a lot better than those that do not. From my experience, “Postaffiliatepro” and “AffiliateWP” are the software which track referrals the best.

Commission Rate – Personally, this is quite low on my priorities. Whilst many firms offer up to 25%, I have found most of my revenue is generated from 5%-10% commissions.

Prop Firm Name (Link)Commission Rate
FTMO8% to 20%
Funded Next12% tp 15%
Alpha Capital GroupUp to 15%
My Forex Funds5%
The Concept Trading5% to 10%
Funded Trading PlusUp to 20%
The 5%ers10%
Top Tier Trader5% to 20%
Traders with Edge7.5% to 12.5%
True Forex Funds15%
The Funded Trader7.5%
Glow Node10%
Bespoke Funding10%
City Traders Imperium20%
Smart Prop Trader10%

Our Top Picks for Prop Firm Affiliate Programs

Below I will outline a few select prop firms that I believe have the best overall features for affiliates.

UPDATE: Prop Club Funding – Cash Bonuses!

Join us as an affiliate at Prop Club Funding and receive up to 10% commissions, cash bonuses and all the tools you need to start earning.

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The Concept Trading

This firm uses AffiliateWP as their tracking software tracks referrals via cookies which massively improves conversions. The commission rate scales from 5% to 10% depending on the number of referrals made each month.

The Concept Trading Affiliate Program

The great thing about this program though is the “lifetime customers”. This means anytime someone signs up through your link (or tracked via cookie) they will be tied to your account and you will receive a 5% commission on all sales for 180 days.

Thanks to the above, you can expect conversion rates as high as 2%.

You can sign up for this program here.


This firm has recently taken some big steps to improve their affiliate program and now offer some great features. For example, they have introduced scaling affiliate plans, see below.

Funded Next Affiliate Program

Additionally, they now reward affiliates with free challenges upon reaching certain levels.

  • With 25 Monthly Referrals – Free $25k Evaluation
  • With 50 Monthly Referrals – Free $50k Evaluation
  • With 100 Monthly Referrals – Free $100k Evaluation

You can sign up for this program here.

Funded Trading Plus

The great thing about the Funded Trading Plus affiliate program is the ability to share your generous commission with your audience. The base commission rate is set at 20% which you can opt to keep yourself or generate a coupon code to give your referrals a discount (we do 10%/10%).

Funded Trading Plus Affiliate Programs

You can sign up for this program here.

(Update) FunderPro Referral Competition

FunderPro is a new prop firm launched in 2023 which is expected to grow exponentially as the year goes on. To help with this growth, they are offering a Rolex to the first affiliate to reach 500 sales!

There is still every chance to win this competition so why not try your luck today?

Click here to head to FunderPro.

Methods to Bring in Traders

There are numerous ways to get referrals. In this section, I outline some popular methods used by affiliate marketers. This is by no means a complete list, for more ideas it may be a good idea to look up “affiliate marketing” guides on YouTube or Google.

Create a Blog/Website

This is great choice to get started as an affiliate marketer. The concept is simple, write about things that interest you and that you believe other people will find useful. When writing a post or page, you can then direct users to the affiliated prop firms.

When it comes to getting traffic to your blog, you have many options, but nearly everyone can agree SEO is one of the best. This is optimizing your website to rank well on google for certain keywords. (For example, if you search “MFF Suspended” on google, you will see our blog post near the top). This is a large topic and will take a lot of effort to perfect, but if you can get it right, the rewards are huge.

Here are some ideas on the type of blogs/websites you can create:

  • Review/Comparison Site – Much like this site.
  • Personally Trading Log – You can document your journey with prop firms.
  • Trading Education – If you are a profitable trader, you can share tips, guides and strategies with other traders.
  • Forum – You could create a community of traders with a forum.
  • Top 5 / Top 10 Landing Page – If you don’t feel like creating a complete website, you can create a simple page which holds some content about your favourite firms along with affiliate links.

You can use Mailerlite to create a quick and simple website. For a larger blog/website I would advise looking into a comprehensive CMS such as WordPress.

Get a dedicated Prop Traders Club Page

If you’re not ready to start a website yet, we would be happy to create a dedicated page on Prop Traders Club for you to share your affiliate links, along with content. At present we can offer to create the following pages:

  • Top 5 / Top 10 lists – For example, “My Top 10 Prop Firms”
  • Comparison Reviews – For example “FTMO vs The Funded Trader”
  • Challenge Logs – For example “How I passed the My Forex Funds Evaluation”

To request one of these pages, head to the submit a post section. Alternatively, follow these steps:

  1. Create a document with original content, ideally over 500 words.
  2. Sign up to the affiliate programs you wish to promote.
  3. Send an email to Tony@proptraders.club with the content and your affiliate links. If you have a URL preference include that also (proptraders.club/”YourChoiceHere”)
  4. When the page is ready, you will receive an email and you can begin sharing your page. It will also be available for everyone to read on the website.

Start a YouTube Channel

Starting and building a YouTube channel takes a lot of work, but the rewards can be amazing. The added bonus of this method is that upon reaching 1000 subscribers, you can monetize the channel which will add another passive income stream. Check out this video for tips on starting your own channel.

Build a Community on Social Media

Share your knowledge of the industry with others in a social media community. Make sure to provide value to your members and give them a reason to stay and engage with the group.

Some ideas for this method:

  • Create a Facebook group
  • Create a Reddit sub
  • Create a Telegram channel
  • Create a Whatsapp Group

Paid Advertising (Such as PPC Campaigns)

This is a tricky one. Paid advertising has great potential to generate fast commissions but it also carries the most risk. Furthermore, it requires some knowledge of digital marketing and all the caveats of creating marketing campaigns.

Another point to consider, which we have had issues with, is many advertisers such as Google or Facebook do not have a great deal of knowledge or understanding about online prop firms and tend to lump them in with standard stock or binary trading. This can cause restrictions placed on accounts or even ad accounts to be terminated altogether.

If you have the time and patients to jump through these hoops, you will certainly be rewarded, but for those looking for a simpler method to generate referrals, we don’t recommend PPC ads.

Email Marketing

Standalone, email marketing will be rather hard as it relies on building an email list, usually from a blog/website. When combined with a website, however, this becomes a great means of communicating with potential traders.

There are a few points to remember with this method to keep above board. For one, you cannot buy or rent email lists (it doesn’t work anyway). You must also ensure that everyone on your list has opted in to receive emails from you. There must also be a way to unsubscribe with one click. To cover all these bases, I recommend using MailerLite.

Mailerlite is the service we use to collect subscribers and send emails and we have found it to be the best value and quality all around. You can get started free or opt for the starter plan at just $9 per month.

Click here to check out MailerLite (This is an affiliate link with a bonus, users who sign up via this link will receive $20 credit. If you chose to upgrade we get $20 credit too!)

Guest Blogging

This method involves creating content for other people’s blogs or websites. Many trading websites welcome high-quality content and in return, will allow you to add your affiliate link to the article.

This has the bonus of driving quality, and converting traffic to your partnered prop firm. Here’s a quick rundown of how to get started.

  1. Look for a relevant blog or website, ideally in the trading sector.
  2. Check for a “Guess posting” link, usually in the footer. If you cannot find one, try reaching out via email.
  3. Explain what you intent to write about and confirm you are allowed to use an affiliate link within the article.
  4. If both parties are happy, write up the content and send it over.

If you have a blog this method has the added benefit of creating backlinks, which help to improve your search engine rankings.

10 More Methods to Promote Prop Firms as an Affiliate

As they say – don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The same is true for affiliate marketing. Building a large number of sources ..

  • Create Tik-Toks – One or two viral videos can bring in thousands of potential traders.
  • Friends and Family – If you know of people who are professional/aspiring traders, ask them to sign up using your affiliate link.
  • Forums – Add your affiliate link to your forum signature or make a post explaining the benefits of the firm.
  • Create a Tool or Calculator – If you have some programming knowledge, you can build a tool to help traders and include your affiliate link beside it.
  • Write a Trading Guide/Course – If you are a profitable trader, you can create a course to share your knowledge. Again, you can include your affiliate link within this.
  • Webinars/Podcasts – Build an audience related to trading and explain the benefits of the chosen prop firm.
  • Create a Mobile App – Utilize no-code builders to create a useful mobile app (such as our funding finder app).
  • Write a Review on Medium – Create a high-quality review and include a link to your chosen firm.
  • Answer Questions on Quora – Be helpful and answer relevant questions. Include your affiliate link where appropriate (make sure not to be spammy).
  • Chatrooms such as Discord – Explain the benefits directly to members of relevant chatrooms such as discord channels.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are just starting your trading career or if you are already successful, building an income stream with affiliate marketing is a great choice. You can put in as much or as little effort as you would like. You can opt to do it in your spare time or even turn it into a full time job.

If you have any questions or if you would like further help, feel free to drop a comment below or send an email to: Tony@proptraders.club, and I will get back to you ASAP.

If you have found this guide useful, please consider sharing it on your socials!

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