The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader is a proprietary trading firm that presents a valuable opportunity for novice traders to learn and earn by participating in our challenges and eventually become funded traders. Experienced traders who want to switch to full-time trading can also benefit from our program.

TFT was founded by traders to tackle a specific problem, which is accessing capital. Trading is inherently risky, and losing one’s hard-earned money is a real possibility. However, funded trading provides access to significant amounts of capital for trading and management.

To embark on your funded trading journey, you must successfully complete one of our four challenging programs: Standard, Royal, Rapid, or Knight’s Challenge. This comprehensive guide will provide you with information on each challenge, the eligibility criteria, and, most importantly, how to start trading with TFT.

Trading Challenges Paths Available

To be eligible for a funded trading account, you are required to undergo a challenge and evaluation process. There are three challenge paths to choose from, which are offered by TFT’s various funded trading challenges.👇

TFT Challenge Evaluation Process.

Standard Challenge:

The Standard Challenge involves two evaluation phases where traders must achieve a 10% profit target within 35 days from their first trade. The daily drawdown cannot exceed 6%, and the maximum total equity drawdown is 12% of the starting balance. Traders must trade for a minimum of three trading days during this period. If they pass Phase 1, they will have 60 days to pass Phase 2, where the profit target is lowered to 5%, and traders must trade for a minimum of 6 days.

Rapid Challenge:

The Rapid Challenge is our fastest evaluation program and involves an 8% profit target in Phase 1, with a maximum daily drawdown of 5% and an 8% maximum initial deposit drawdown. Phase 2 has a 5% profit target, and traders have a maximum of 60 calendar days to achieve it.

Royal Challenge:

The Royal Challenge allows traders to use their preferred trading tools, including expert advisers, and hold positions over the weekend. The profit target for Phase 1 is 8%, and Phase 2 is 5%, with the same maximum daily drawdown and initial deposit drawdown.

Knights Challenge:

The Knight’s Challenge is a ONE-STEP evaluation trading challenge suitable for experienced traders. It involves a profit target of 10%, a maximum daily drawdown of 3%, unlimited trading days, and a leverage of 1:30. All TFT challenges consist of two evaluation phases of 35 and 60 days. After passing the challenges, traders can qualify for a live trading account.

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This post was written by Hassan Khan, a member of Prop Traders Club.

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