Apex Trader Funding Review and Discount

Apex Trader Funding is an exceptional futures trading firm that offers skilled traders an unparalleled opportunity to realise their trading objectives. With a range of unique features and benefits, Apex Trader Funding stands out as a top choice for traders looking to trade with a funded

Apex Trader Pay-Outs and Profit Share Details

One of the standout features of Apex Trader Funding is the ability for traders to collect 100% of the profits from the first $25,000 per account, and keep 90% of the profits above that initial amount. This allows traders to earn substantial profits while managing their risk
effectively, giving them with a strong incentive to succeed.

They have an excellent payout structure, with two distributions per month, between the 1st and 5th and the 20th and 25th paid true through
DEEL, ensuring that traders have regular access to their profits. This gives traders peace of mind and helps with money management.

The qualification process at Apex Trader Funding is fast and efficient,  traders qualify for a funded account in as little as 7 days and no maximum time limit.

The Trading Conditions – Trade Full-Size Future Contracts

Another notable feature of Apex Trader Funding is the ability to trade full-sized contracts in both evaluations and funded accounts. Traders can leverage their trading strategies and capitalize on market movements effectively. There are no scaling or penalties for going over contract size, and no daily drawdown limits, allowing traders the freedom to trade according to their style and risk tolerance.

Apex Trader Funding also offers the flexibility to trade on holidays, allowing traders to take advantage of market movements even during holiday periods. Traders can also trade their normal day-to-day strategies or systems during news events without any restrictions.

There is no total cap after the 3rd month on the maximum payout at Apex Trader Funding, giving traders the potential to earn unlimited profits based on their trading performance. The evaluation process is simple and straightforward, with a one-step evaluation process that allows traders to showcase their skills and earn a funded account quickly.

Real-time data is provided, giving traders access to up-to-date market information to make informed trading decisions. The risk management rules at Apex Trader Funding are also simple, allowing traders to manage their risk effectively and protect their capital.

Unique Feature – Trade Up to 20 Apex Accounts Simultaneously

Apex Trader Funding give traders the opportunity to trade with multiple accounts, with a maximum limit of up to 20 accounts. This allows traders to diversify their trading strategies and potentially increase their earnings. Also, copy trader is allowed, the recommendation
would be using Replikanto Flow Bots for Ninja Trader.

What Trading Platforms do Apex Trader Offer?

The support for popular trading platforms such as NinjaTrader, Tradovate, TradingView, and Sierra Charts (also Motive Wave etc) as well as the availability of both web and mobile versions provides traders with flexibility and convenience in their trading activities.

Final Thoughts and Promotion Details

In addition to these exceptional features, Apex Trader Funding is currently offering a limited-time exclusive sale with a discount of 90% off the first month’s subscription fee and an 80% recurring discount with the code PROPTRADERZ during sign-up. This makes it an even more attractive opportunity for traders to join the program at a discounted rate and take advantage of the unique benefits offered by Apex Trader Funding.

In conclusion, Apex Trader Funding is a top-notch trading firm that offers skilled traders a comprehensive and empowering opportunity to trade with a funded account. With unique features such as high-profit share sharing, a convenient payout system, a fast qualification process, flexibility in trading, real-time data, and simple risk management rules, Apex Trader Funding provides traders with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Don’t miss out on the limited-time exclusive sale! Use the code PROPTRADERZ during sign-up and take the first step towards achieving your trading goals with Apex Trader Funding today.

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