Where is funded Trading plus located in the forex proprietary trading scene + discount code

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The proprietary trading industry have witnessed a boom in popularity in recent years as undercapitalized retail Forex traders search for ways to achieve their ultimate dream of becoming professionals and thus making a full living out of the financial markets.

intermediate to advanced traders chose to sail into the markets through a retail Forex proprietary trading firm where they can have Access to huge capital that can generate substantial income if invested correctly by the trader and thus, a query that you can make to Google with key word “prop firm” will yield multiple pages and multiple sponsored websites from the large number of online proprietary trading firms that are competing for your business offering somewhat similar and somewhat unique programs for you to decide which one is the best option for you.

Still , if you dip further into the matter through social media, you’ll clearly take note that some of these prop firms are way popular than other firms and enjoy a lot of the trader’s following and appreciation.

Today, I want you to dip with me  into funded Trading Plus through the four(04) different programs that it offers to you to consider .

Funded Trading Plus is a brand of FTP London Ltd which is registered in England, United Kingdom.

It started in 2013 as a Forex signals and education provider known by traderoom plus and evolved into it current and most famous form as a retail Forex proprietary trading firm in 2021 with three key people: Simon Massey, James frangleton and Michael C and later emerged in the proprietary trading field as one of the most prominent options being classified on top 10 lists by the authors of multiple renowned specialized comparaison plateformes.

Through four (04) different programs that can be categorised into “instant” and “evaluation, you can access “simulated funds” from funded trading plus of up to 250.000USD to trade Forex,indices are crypto through their partner broker eightcap with leverage up to 1:30 and using MT4 or MT5 technology.

The “instant funding” option gives you access to “simulated funds” ranging from 5000USD to 100.000 USD instantly and thus makes it possible to withdraw any profits that reaches the withdrawal threshold of minimum 50$ with an simulated overall drowdown of 5% and no simulated daily drowdown while the “evaluation” way is possible through three separate options known as : “experienced trader program”, “advanced trader program” and “premium trader program”.

The main difference that you will notice about the three evaluation options is the tolerated amount of relative daily and overall drowdown that can be accepted before you breach your account along with the profit target.

While you are allowed up to 10% simulated trailing overall drowdown and 5% simulated trailing daily drowdown on the “advanced trader” option with profit target that you have to reach of 8% on phase one and 5% on phase two, and you are allowed 8% of simulated trailing overall drowdown and 4% of simulated trailing daily drowdown in the “premium trader program” and profit target of 8% on phase one and 5% on phase two , you cannot exceed 6% percent simulated trailing overall drowdown and 3% simulated trailing daily drowdown on the “experienced trader” option that consists of one phase with profit target of 10%.

Fees required to register for an evaluation program that are ranging between 119$ and 1097$ on funded Trading plus are well within the acceptable level in comparison with competing prop firms and cannot be described as too high or too low .

Funded Trading plus has an excellent trust score on trustpilot of 4.9 at the time of publishing.

Finally, you can take a dive at funded Trading plus using this link and I hope you will find it easier to understand after reading this article and use the discount code “KEEP10” at checkout if you want to buy an account or reset your existing one.





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