January Giveaway Winners (All Prizes Announced) + Bonus Giveaway!

January Giveaway Winners

It’s been a pleasure working with the FunderPro team to bring this great giveaway to our community. We are now ready to announce the winners and award the prizes!

Check below to see if you have won a prize through the FunderPro giveaway or an in-house giveaway.

$50,000 Free FunderPro Challenge Winner

This giveaway prize is awarded to anyone who has signed up to the Unofficial FunderPro Traders Facebook Group in the past month. We’ve had some great participation and the group is now around 700 strong.

This group is an ideal place to follow FunderPro updates, news and further giveaways.

The winner of this giveaway is:

Winner Notice

Ojakala Simon Peter

You have been contacted via Facebook Messenger with instructions on claiming this prize.

$25,000 Free FunderPro Challenge Winner

This prize was awarded to a random Twitter follower who has joined our recently launched Twitter account.

We plan to be hosting many more giveaways on our Twitter so it’s best to give us a follow now!

Winner Notice


You will be contacted via Twitter will instructions on claiming this prize.

$10,000 Free Challenge (with a choice of prop firms) – The Prop Traders Club Prize Wheel

We introduced a spin wheel which users can enter up to once a day when visiting this site. There have already been 3 winners of the instant $10,000 who have claimed their prize already.

You may have also won tickets to the monthly giveaway which we will announce below.

Winner Notice

Eric Donald
Email: er****4@gmail.com

You have been contacted via email with instructions on how to claim your prize.

$50 USDT FunderPro Free Trial Sign-up Giveaway

As an added perk, Prop Traders Club has added an extra $50 USDT for any member who has signed up for a free FunderPro Trial.

You can still join a free trial which you can then convert to a live challenge without starting again!

Winner Notice

Johnyl Rosario Morales

You will be contacted via email with details on claiming this prize.

Bonus – Quick-fire Giveaway – $5,000 Free Challenge

To help spread the word about our winners, we will be awarded an extra prize for anyone who completes the following task:

Thats it! We will notify a winner of this bonus giveaway on 7th Feb.

Want More Giveaways?

Here are some more options to join our many giveaways:

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