FunderPro is Making Waves with Another Promo – Get an extra $50k Free!

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FunderPro only emerged into the prop trading arena a few years ago, but they sure hit the
ground running! We’re talking about the prop firm that sponsored Formula 2 champion
Ollie Bearman, trailblazed the trend of offering an Unlimited Time Challenge, and will be
taking a lucky trader on an all-expenses paid trip to the F1 Finals this November in Abu
Dhabi. The list goes on, and the latest feather to FunderPro’s bow is this:

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An Exclusive Limited-Time Promotion

From October 19th to October 26th, FunderPro is letting traders buy a $150K for the same
price as the 100K account. As much as 27% discount means that you can walk away with a
$150K account for just $549, instead of the usual price of $749. This is a pretty sweet deal,
especially considering that larger positions also provide the ideal practice environment
alongside the opportunity for amplified profits.

Introducing the Profit Split Add-On

At the same that they announced the price slash for the $150K account, FunderPro also
revealed their latest feature: the “Profit Split Add-On.” Using this add-on, traders can now
up their share of the profits from 80% to 90% in return for paying an extra 20% on their
Challenge price. This nifty tool allows funded traders to maximize their profit share at
opportune moments. The feature went live on October 19th.

How to Claim Promotion

If you want to nab this discounted Challenge, you simply need to head over the FunderPro
Buy Challenge page. You’ll find the $150K Challenge listed for the new price of $549. You
can choose to scoop up both deals and increase your profit share to 90% on the $150K
account by checking the box “90/10 Profit Split (+20%)” before you proceed to payment.

You’ll pay a bit more of course, but the $150K account will still be cheaper than usual – plus
you’ll be retaining 90% of any profits earned.

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What is FunderPro?

FunderPro is levelling the playing field for undercapitalized traders. The prop firm, known
for its friendly and fair platform, offers traders up to $200K in funding with an 80% cut of
any profits generated. With any losses borne by the company, FunderPro is a gateway to
lower-risk trading with enhanced profit potential. Traders can choose between account
sizes ranging from $25,000 to $200,000 and begin accessing profit payouts once they pass
the 2-stage evaluation. For those who consistently hit their account profit targets, there is
the option to scale up to a $5 million account over time. The prop firm arena is growing by

the day and competition is fierce, but FunderPro has carved out their niche and their trader
base is growing at a rapid pace.

Why FunderPro?

Many traders choose FunderPro for the Unlimited Time given for their Challenges. If you
find that time pressure and deadlines cramp your trading style, or if you have a strategy that
requires longer time frames to see profit, then the FunderPro Challenges could be a good
fit. Traders also rate the following features highly:

➢ Rapid Payouts: FunderPro has an average payout processing time of just 8 hours.
➢ Profit Split: From the outset, funded traders retain 80% of their hard-earned profits
and with consistent growth can request account increases.
➢ Swift Setup: The underlying tech powering FunderPro is impressive. Thanks to their
advanced and mobile-optimized interface you can sign up and access your
dashboard in seconds. For traders who have been burnt by platforms with hours of
verification and waiting for access this is a real breath of fresh air.
➢ Live STP trading: FunderPro operates on an STP/ECN broker, which means that even
in the evaluation stage there is no demo trading or virtual funds – you are handling
the real deal from day 1.
➢ Scaling Opportunities: FunderPro rewards hard work and target hitting. Prove your
consistency and receive a 50% increase every three months, with the potential to
manage up to $5 million.

Remember, the discounted $150K account is a limited-time offer only. You have until 26th
October so snap up your challenge while the price is low!

Get an extra 10% Off with the Prop Traders Club Discount Code

At checkout, use the following code for your discount: PTC10.

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