5 Prop Firms with the Highest Drawdown Allowance (Up to 30% Overall DD)

prop firm drawdown limits

Are you an aggressive trader who likes to bet big to win big? Perhaps you are a newer trader who is still working on becoming profitable. Either way, opting for a prop account with a high drawdown is likely in your favour.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 5 prop firms which offer an exceptionally high overall/total drawdown. Keep an eye out for first place which features a huge 30% max drawdown!

Just a quick note, many firms have different names for the overall drawdown but most of them work in essentially the same way. Other variations include:

  • Maximum Drawdown
  • Overall Drawdown
  • Absolute Drawdown
  • Total Drawdown

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Number 5 – The Funded Trader Standard Challenge with Addon (12% Max Drawdown)

The FUnded Trader drawdown rules

Account Type: Two-Phase Challenge

The Funded Trader is a popular prop firm which boasts a range of account types and a massive following. They have a reputation for paying out huge sums with one trader receiving over $200k in a single payout.

The standard challenge takes a typical two-phase approach and comes with 10% max drawdown as standard. Traders are given the option to increase this to 12% for a slightly larger fee.

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Number 4 – Ryze Funding Plus+ Challenge (15% Max Drawdown)

ryze trading

Account Type: Two or Three-phase options

Ryze Funding is a newer firm which has lowered the barrier to entry for traders by offering accounts starting at just $5! Professional traders however can also take advantage of the relaxed rules and easy targets.

Accounts come in two options:

  • Unlimited – No time limits with 12% max drawdown
  • Plus+ – Time limits with 15% max drawdown

This allows users to sacrifice the unlimited time limits for an extra 3% drawdown, which is great if you are confident in your strategy.

Number 3 – Audacity Capital Flex Challenge (20% Max Drawdown)

Audacity capital drawdown

Account Type: Instant Funding

Audacity Capital is a professional prop firm based in London which has been in the industry since 2012. They initially took on traders based on experience upon passing an interview. More recently however they have opened the doors to newer traders with a range of funding options.

The flex program offers an overall drawdown of 20% and a daily drawdown of 7.5%. This is an instant funding account with profits available to withdraw upon reaching the profit target of 20%.

Number 2 – Funded Engineer with Scaling (20% Max Drawdown)

funded engineer drawdown

Account Type: Two-Phase

The Funded Engineer is a Dubai-based prop firm offering up to $500k of funds to traders upon completing a single or two-phase challenge. Whilst the two-phase account comes with 10% overall drawdown as standard but whats great, it increases as your scale.

  • After 3 months – 12% Max Drawdown
  • After 6 months – 14% Max Drawdown
  • After 9 months – 16% Max Drawdown
  • After 12 months – 20% Max drawdown

As you scale you also unlock various other benefits such as increased capital, faster withdrawals and free accounts. Check these guys out today!

Number 1 – Tradiac Maniac Track (30% Max Drawdown)

tradiac prop firm

Account Type: Two-Phase Challenge

Followers of Prop Traders Club will already know this firm as we have covered these guys a few times recently. For those who don’t know, Tradiac comes from the same people as Scandinavian Capital Markets and they are on the hunt for profitable traders via their new firm, Tradiac.

Tradiac gives the trader the choice of how much drawdown they would like ranging from the standard 10% up to a huge 30%! Options include:

  • Tradiac – 10% Max Drawdown | 5% Daily Drawdown
  • Brainiac – 20% Max Drawdown | 10% Daily Drawdown
  • Mainiac – 30% Max Drawdown | 15% Daily Drawdown

Make sure to check out the checkpoint feature which allows you to save your scaling progress, a feature unique to Tradiac.

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