Leverage Provided By All Top Prop Firms Compared

When it comes to trading with a prop firm, there are a number of aspects to consider. One such aspect is the level of leverage the firm and its respective broker will offer the trader.

Whilst many institutional-level traders will typically use very low leverage, those trading with prop firms or retail brokers usually prefer a higher amount of buying power to maximize returns. For many traders, up to 1:10 leverage will be sufficient to achieve their trading goals, however for some strategies higher leverage may be needed. Some cases where higher leverage can be helpful include:

  • Scalping strategies – This involved making larger trades whilst aiming to make a profit from much smaller moves. Higher leverage here can be advantageous as it allows the trader to capitalize on those smaller price moves.
  • Trading multiple assets – Some traders like to have a number of trades opened at once. This is not very practical without sufficient leverage.
  • Trading low volatility markets – Similar to scalping, profits rely on smaller market moves. Since downside risk is lowered, increased leverage is useful to bring in more profits.

It’s important to remember, leverage is a double-edged sword. Whilst it can amplify gains, it also amplifies losses. That said, let’s take a look into what each firm can offer.

Quickview Table of Leverage by Top Prop Firms

In the table below I will outline how much leverage each firm can offer.

The table includes the maximum leverage offered by a firm. It does not imply this leverage is for all account types, which is covered in the “More Info” section. Another point to note, many firms only provide this level of leverage for forex markets.

Often, the leverage is reduced for indices, commodities, crypto and stock CFDs. It is advised to read the FAQ on the particular firm for more on this.

Firm NameMaximum LeverageMore Info
FTMO100More Info
The 5%ers30More Info
My Forex Funds500More Info
Top Tier Trader100More Info
The Funded Trader200More Info
Traders with Edge50More Info
Lux Trading10More Info
Surgetrader20More Info
Concept Trading200More Info
FTUK100More Info
Stocknet Institute200More Info
Blue Guardian Capital100More Info
Funded Next100More Info
Funded Trading Plus30More Info
Bouytrade20More Info
E8 Funding100More Info
Glow Node30More Info
Alpha Capital Group100More Info
True Forex Funds100More Info
MyFundedFX100More Info

Leverage at FTMO

Standard Accounts1:100
Swing Accounts1:30

Leverage at The 5%ers

the 5ers
Instant Funding (low-risk)1:10
Instant Funding (aggressive)1:30

Leverage at My Forex Funds

my forex funds
Rapid Account1:500
Evaluation Account1:100
Accelerated (conventional)1:50
Accelerated (empathic)1:100

Leverage at Top Tier Trader

Top Tier Trader
Top Tier Challenge1:100
Swing Accounts1:30
Top Tier Challenge Plus1:100

Leverage at The Funded Trader

The FUnded Trader
Standard Challenge1:200
Standard Swing1:60
Rapid Challenge1:100
Rapid Swing1:30
Royal Challenge1:200
Knight Challenge1:30

Leverage at Traders with Edge

traders with edge
Instant Standard1:20
Instant Aggressive1:50
Turtle Challenge1:20
Hare Challenge1:50

Leverage at Lux Trading Firm

lux trading firm trial
All Accounts1:10

Leverage at Surgetrader

Standard Accounts1:10
With paid add-on1:20

Leverage at The Concept Trading

the concept trading logo
Traditional Accounts1:200
Premier Accounts1:200
Three over Three1:200

Leverage at FTUK

Low Risk Accounts1:50
Aggressive Accounts1:100

Leverage at Stocknet Institute

Stocknet Institute
Standard Accounts1:200
Dynamic Accounts1:200

Leverage at Blue Guardian Capital

blue guardian capital
All Accounts1:100

Leverage at FundedNext

FundedNext Logo
Evaluation Challenge1:100
Express Challenge1:100

Leverage at Funded Trading Plus

funded trading plus
Experienced Trader1:30
Advanced Trader1:30
Master Trader1:30

Leverage at Buoytrade

Standard Edition1:5
Apex Edition1:20

Leverage at E8 Funding

e8 funding
All Accounts1:100

Leverage at Glow Node

glow node
All Accounts1:30

Leverage at Alpha Capital Group

alpha capital
Alpha Pro Challenge1:100

Leverage at True Forex Funds

true forex funds
All Accounts1:100

Leverage at MyFundedFX

All Accounts1:100

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