The Complete 5%ers Prop Firm Review – Featuring Comparisons

The 5%ers are an Israeli based prop firm which has been around since 2016. They were founded by a forex trader by the name of Ben Gil Hur and supported by an expert team of traders and technical professionals.

They have built an amazing reputation within the community and are considered an industry leader, particularly in the instant funding section. A strong emphasis is put on growth across all models offered by the 5%ers.

As well as a varied choice of funding models, the 5%ers have a multitude of educational resources, webinars, live trading videos and workshops.

Earnings Report

$24,000 Instant funding Account (Low-Risk)

The return on investment after making the first 10% is 274% which results in $643.50 profit to the trader.

If the trader makes an average of 5% profit per month, after 6 months, the trader will have profited $4393.50 after factoring in account growth and profit splits.

After 12 months, this grows to $37,993.50 of profit to the trader.

Bootcamp Model

Since posting this article, there have been a few improvements to this program, including:

  • There are now two options to choose from – $100k or $250k.
  • Indices are now available to trade.
  • Profit split has been increased to 75% from level 2 onwards.

After passing the challenge, the trader will be given a live account with an initial $100,000 capital. The growth and profits are outlined below (Based on 5% profit per month average).

After 6 months, the trader will have profited a total of $25,000.

At 12 months point, this will rise to $171,000.

If you manage to reach 24 months, the total profit will be over $2.3 million!

Pros and Cons


  • Innovative Funding Models – The 5%ers regularly release new and interesting funding models. Some are only around for a few months, so keep an eye out!
  • Fast Growth – The 5%ers take pride in offering very fast growth to its traders. Especially in the instant funding model.
  • Long Standing – This firm has been around a number of years now. In an industry which sees multiple new firms popping up every month, traders can take comfort that the 5%ers has stood the test of time.


  • Low Leverage – Traders are given leverage of between 1:10 and 1:30 depending on which program they choose. Whilst this may be plenty for most, some traders may find this restricting.
  • Max drawdown – The maximum drawdown ranges from 4% to 6% depending on program and funding level. The silver lining, however, is the drawdown is static and does not trail.

Funding Models

The 5%es regularly update their offering with new and exciting funding models such as the “Freestyle Program” (Discontinued) and “Bootcamp Model”. Their main offering, however, is their instant funding accounts. Let’s take a deeper look into what options they have.

Instant Funding

The instant funding option offers incredibly fast growth, no time limits (Apart from phase 1) and up to $4 million in funding.

Available Options

There are six options to choose from:

  • $24,000 – Low Risk or Aggressive
  • $40,000 – Low Risk or Aggressive
  • $80,000 – Low Risk or Aggressive

Scaling System

The trader will start on a smaller account for the first phase of the account. After hitting the initial profit target of 6.2% or 12% (low risk/Aggressive). Going into phase 2, the trader’s capital will increase by 400%.

In each subsequent phase, the trader will be required to hit a profit target of 10% (low risk) or 25% (aggressive) to scale up, which will double the accounts capital.

What to Know

For the first phase there is a time limit of 180 days (low risk) and 60 days (aggressive). All subsequent phases have no time limits.

On the low-risk program, a stop loss is required on all trades. The maximum risk cannot exceed 2%.

Bootcamp Model

Since posting this article, there have been a few improvements to this program, including:

  • There are now two options to choose from – $100k or $250k.
  • Indices are now available to trade.
  • Profit split has been increased to 75% from level 2 onwards.

The bootcamp model is a unique funding method in which the trader is only required to pay a small part of the challenge fee up front, with the majority only due if/when the challenge is passed.

There is only one option available which is a $100k account. In order to get the funds, the trader must pass a 3-phase challenge. In each phase the trader must make 6% profit while adhering to the rules set by the 5%ers. The maximum time to complete the challenge is 12 months.


The account will scale with every 5% profit target hit and the capital will increase at varied rates up to the maximum funding level of $4 million. The profit split will increase from 50/50 up to 100/0 with scaling also.

Trade The Pool – Stock Trading Prop Firm

Trade The Pool Prop Firm

Technically Trade the Pool is a sister site, but it was created by the 5%ers so I thought I would include it here. This is a stock trading prop firm with the uniqueness and quirkiness you would expect from the 5%ers.

The main selling point with this is the fact that you have unlimited buying power! Traders are only restricted by their drawdowns as to how much they can trade. On the downside, this is only open to day traders, meaning all trades must be closed each day.

You can read more about Trade the Pool here.

Rules and Restrictions

Time Limits

For the bootcamp model, there is a time limit of 1 year to complete all three phases.

In the instant funding model, only the first phase has time limits. These are 180 days for low-risk accounts and 180 days for aggressive accounts. After passing the first phase, there are no time limits.

The management make it clear that the time limits are flexible and if a trader needs more time that is something that can be discussed via contacting support.


For the instant funding model, the total drawdown is set at 6% for phases 1 and 2, and drops to 4% for phase 3 onwards. There are no daily drawdowns.

For the bootcamp model, the total drawdown is set at 5% for each of the challenges. After passing onto a live account, this then drops to 4%. There are no daily drawdowns.

Profit Targets

For instant funding accounts, there is only a profit target set for the first phase. These are:

  • Low risk – 6.2%
  • Aggressive – 12%

After this the only target will be to scale which is 10% for low-risk accounts and 25% for aggressive.

News Trading, Expert Advisors and Weekend Holding Rules

News Trading

News trading is allowed.

Expert Advisors

This firm allows most expert advisors as long as they confirm to standard market conditions. Trading is also disabled for expert advisors during certain hours. Banned EA practices include:

– copy trades of other persons signals
– do tick scalping
– perform latency arbitrage trading
– perform reverse arbitrage trading
– perform hedge arbitrage trading
– use emulators
Any accounts using these types of EAs will be canceled, banned, and not refunded.

Trading will be disabled for EAs from 23:00 to 01:00 GMT+3.

Overnight and Weekend Holding

The 5%ers strongly believe in giving the trader as much flexibility as they need which is why they allow overnight and weekend holding.


Bootcamp Model

The price to start the bootcamp model is 85 Euros with the remaining 215 Euros due only after passing the three phases.

Instant Funding

  • For the $24,000 account the fee is 235 Euros.
  • For the $40,000 account the fee is 385 Euros.
  • For the $80,000 account the fee is 735 Euros.

Compared With Other Prop Firms

The 5%ers vs FTMO

While both the 5%ers and FTMO are considered industry leaders, they offer very a different service. FTMO has stuck with their 2-phase challenge model, only making small tweaks here and there. The 5%ers main model is the instant funding option while occasionally offering unique challenge models.

FTMO prop firm logo
Click here to visit FTMO

FTMO focus on proving yourself as a profitable trader before being given company funds. The 5%ers however, start traders off on a smaller amount of capital and focus on growth and educating the trader to eventually manage a larger fund.


The $6,000/$24,000 (Initial/phase 1) account for the 5%ers costs 235 Euros.

The $25,0000 FTMO Challenge costs 250 Euros.

The bootcamp model offered by the 5%ers is certainly an option worth considering as it only costs 85 Euros to get started for a $100k account.

The Verdict

It’s a tie! Due to both firms having completely different funding models, it’s impossible to compare the two fairly. Both firms have a great reputation and traders can trust either firm.

The 5%ers vs My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds prop firm logo
Click here to visit My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds is a great firm to compare with. They have multiple offerings with various funding models.

If you are looking for a low-cost 2-phase challenge My Forex Funds is the winner.

For instant Funding however the accelerated program offered by My Forex Funds has significantly lower growth potential then the 5%ers. Therefore the 5%ers win here.


For a $5000 accelerated program (Instant Funding) account with My Forex Funds the cost is $245.

The $6,000/$24,000 (Initial/phase 1) account for the 5%ers costs 235 Euros.

My Forex Fund evaluation accounts are great value however with a $10,000 account costing just $84.

The Verdict

The 5%ers take the win! The amount of growth offered by the 5%ers is far greater than anything offered by My Forex Funds. On the other hand, for traders on a budget, the My Forex Funds evaluation accounts offer great value.

The 5%ers vs The Funded Trader

This is another tough one to compare as both firms have different funding models. One thing both companies share however, is that they are both trusted and innovative firms. Both the 5%ers and The Funded Trader are constantly evolving and reacting to what traders are asking for.

The Funded Trader prop firm Logo
Click Here to Visit the Funded Trader


For a $50k challenge account for The Funded Trader the average cost is around $300.

This is similar to the $10,000($40,000) instant funding account by the 5%es, coming in at 385 Euros.

The Verdict

For traders looking for the challenge model – The Funded Trader is a winner. They have multiple choices for all trading styles.

For instant funding – The 5%ers win by default as The Funded Trader don’t currently offer this (Possibly coming in 2023).

The 5%ers vs StockNet Institute

StockNet Institute prop firm logo
Click here to visit Stocknet Institute

StockNet Institute are a popular choice for those seeking instant funding, so I thought it fair to compare the two.

StockNet works in a similar way in that they allow traders to start off on smaller accounts and grow their capital fast with consistent trading. StockNet also have a “quick-start” option which will start the trader on a higher capital account at the expense of a low initial profit split.


StockNet institute offer some lower cost options compared to the 5%ers with its cheapest account starting at just £80 for $1250 of capital.

For this price you could also start the bootcamp challenge which costs about the same at 85 Euros.

The Verdict

Its close, but the win goes to the 5%ers! Both firms operate in a very similar way. For those wanted a lower initial fee StockNet may be the best option. However, if a trader is willing to spend over $250 the 5%ers become the top choice.

If you would like to compare the 5%ers with any other prop firms, why not use our FX Funding Finder Tool. Available Here.

Educational Support Available

The 5%ers have a huge amount of educational tools and resources available to improve your trading. Lets look at some of these.

Trading Tools

The team have created a few free indicators for their traders to use. These include:

  • Max Lot Calulator
  • Risk Exposure
  • Drag and trade tool

Trading Ideas

Traders who are signed up can share their trading ideas with others. All these ideas are available for anyone to see and trade on if they see fit.


The 5%ers have built a great repertoire of training videos, trader interviews and general information videos. They have hundreds of videos available on their YouTube channel as well as their website. Some popular titles include:

  • The5ers Funding Forex Traders – Your Talent Our Funds
  • Building your personal forex trading plan
  • The buying power of leverage and lot size

See below for one of their popular trader interviews.

Free Trading Course

Perhaps the most interesting offering is the completely free trading course that the 5%ers have created. This is a 6-part course which covers the main areas that are needed to become a successful trader. The modules are:

  1. Learn 5%ers in-depth risk perameters
  2. Building a strategy
  3. Converting your strategy to align with the 5%ers rules
  4. Building a trading plan
  5. Advanced risk management and money management
  6. Trading Phycology
  7. Free bonus

Workshops and Webinars

This firm has a number of live webinars, events and workshops. Two popular workshops are the scalping workshop and the supply and demand workshop.

They also have a live convention in London, UK set for July 2023.

Communities and Socials

The 5%ers are active on a number of social platforms including:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

We couldn’t find a dedicated discord community although some member lead communities may exist.


The 5%ers have a number of support options and generally are very responsive to traders’ queries. They operate both in Israel and London. Their contact details are below:

Office Hours:
Sunday – Thursday
07:00 – 17:00 GMT

07:00 – 12:00 GMT


+1 (929) 955 5595
+44 (20) 8068 0793

Open now



14 Haroshet st, Raanana, Israel

UK Office
Enstar House, 168, Praed Street, London, United Kingdom, W2 1RH

Frequently Asked Questions

What Leverage can I use with the 5%ers?

The leverage provided depends on the model chosen.

For low-risk instant accounts, the leverage is set at 1:10.

For aggressive instant accounts, the leverage is set at 1:30.

For the bootcamp model, the leverage is set at 1:10.

What Broker Does the 5%ers use?

The 5%ers do not use a typical retail broker. Instead, they use an institutional grade liquidity provider. The details of this are fairly limited.

What Platform and instruments can you use with 5%ers?

Forex are available on all programs.

Gold/Silver are available on all programs.

Indices are available only on instant funding accounts.

Crypto is not currently supported.

What are the commissions and spreads like with 5%ers?

The spread and commission are shown separately – the commission is $4 per lot round trip, which is 0.4 pips. The spread for EUR/USD is about 0.1 to 0.5 pips. The spread is variable, not fixed.


The 5%ers have earned their spot as a leader prop firm. They offer traders a number of funding models which are often innovative and fairly priced.

The growth potential with this firm is certainly among the best in the industry; so, if you are a profitable trader, this is a great option.

The bootcamp model offers a great opportunity for someone without much money to get hold of a huge $100k account for a small fee.

5%ers link
Click here to head to the 5%ers.

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