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Low on funds but still want to trade? Why not sign up for some free trading competitions that have some great prizes available? We’ve searched across the net to bring you a comprehensive list of competitions running in September.

We will include a list of prizes, a sign-up link and any other relevant information. The list is not in any particular order since you can sign up for as many as you like!

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The Funded Trader Trading Competition – 100 Prizes

The FUnded Trader competition

There are over 100 prizes available including large cash prizes for the top three traders. This is perhaps the most popular competition around with up to 70,000 traders competing for a place on the leaderboard.


1$300k Royal Challenge + $5,000 Cash
2$300k Royal Challenge + $3,000 Cash
3$200k Royal Challenge + $2000 Cash
4$200k Royal Challenge
5$100k Royal Challenge
6 to 25$100k Knight Challenge
26 to 45$50k Knight Challenge
46 to 75$25k Knight Challenge
76 to 100$10k Knight Challenge


5% Max Daily Drawdown

10% Max Total Drawdown

5 Minimum Trading Days

EA’s are not allowed

No taking advantage of unrealistic fills in the demo environment

Daily Drawdown will now be calculated based on Balance or Equity whichever is higher at the end of the day

There following lot size rules apply:
5 Lot Max for Forex Pairs
3 Lot Max for Indices
3 lot for Crypto, Commodities
5 positions max open at any given time

Only 1 account per person is permitted

The competition starts on the first of the month and ends on the last day of the month.

The Funded Trader

MyFundedFX Competition – 40 Prizes

Myfundedfx competition

The MyFundedFX competition is another popular one which regularly sees over 20,000 traders. Again, this firm also offers cash prizes to its top traders along with a large challenge account.


1$1000 Cash + $300k Challenge Account
2$500 Cash + $200k Challenge Account
3$250 Cash + $100k Challenge Account
4$100 Cash + $50k Challenge Account
5$100 Cash + $50k Challenge Account
6 to 10$25k Challenge Account
11 to 20$10k Challenge Account
21 to 40$5k Challenge Account


5% Daily Drawdown Equity Based

8% Max Drawdown Initial Balance Based

No expert advisors

5 max lot limit across all assets

News trading allowed

Swing trading allowed


FunderPro Competition – 5 Prizes

Funderpro competition

If you’re looking for a slightly smaller competition with fewer entrants, FunderPro is the latest on the list to offer a free trading competition. The August competition saw just over 1500 traders which means much less competition.


1$200k Challenge
2$100k Challenge
3$50k Challenge
4$25k Challenge
5$25k Challenge


  • Highest profit % wins
  • 5% Max Daily Drawdown
  • 10% Max Total Drawdown
  • 1 Minimum Trading Days

The competition starts on the 31st of August and ends on the 30th of September at midnight.


FXIFY Competition – 10 Prizes

FXIFY competition

FXIFY also host a great trading competition which saw around 3,000 traders in August. First place gets a massive $400k challenge which is a great chance to get hold of some serious trading capital.


1$400k Challenge
2$200k Challenge
3 to 4$100k Challenge
5 to 6$50k Challenge
7 to 10$25k Challenge


5% max daily drawdown based on the previous days balance.

10% max drawdown

No EAs allowed.

0 Minimum Trading Days


Alpha Capital Competition – 50 Prizes

Alpha Capital Group competition

Alpha Capital host a regular monthly competition that has a great prize-to-entant ratio which gives traders a good chance of securing a prize.


1$100k Challenge + $1k Cash
2 to 4$50k Challenge
5 to 10$25k Challenge
11 to 25$10k Challenge
26 to 5030% Discount Code


Rule 1: No EA use ❌

Rule 2: Lot size limit per trade ✅

10 lots FX / XAUUSD / XAGUSD

30 lots max Oil / CFDs / Indices

Rule 3: Max number of open consecutive trades at any one time: 5 ✅

Rule 4: Max Daily Drawdown: 5%

Rule 5: Max total Drawdown: 10%

Rule 6: No taking advantage of unrealistic fills in the demo environment

Rule 7: Free entry (1 entry per person)

Rule 8: Max $$$ gain wins

Alpha Capital Group

FundedNext Competition – 150 Prizes

FundedNext comeptition

FundedNext launched its first trading competition in July with some of the best prizes around. The September competition has over $15,000 in cash prizes along with 150 challenge accounts to give away. This isn’t one to be missed!


1$300k Challenge + $7k Cash
2$200k Challenge + $3k Cash
3$100k Challenge + $2k Cash
4 to 5$50k Challenge + $1k Cash
6 to 10$25k Challenge + $300 Cash
11 to 20$25k Challenge + $200 Cash
21 to 70$15k Challenge
71 to 100$15k Challenge (Express Consistency)
101 to 600Lotto Ticket*

* There are 50 x $5k Stellar accounts to be won from the lotto tickets.


The Drawdown will be calculated based on balance.

The maximum daily loss limit is 5%.

The maximum overall loss limit is 10%.

Participants must meet a minimum trading requirement of 5 trading days.

News trading is allowed.

Commission is $3 per lot for Forex and Commodities, no commission on Indices.

Overnight and over-weekend holding is permitted.

Accounts will be swap-free.

EA’s are not allowed.

Maximum lot size of 5/per Forex pairs.

Maximum lot size 3/per indices, commodities and metals.

Participants can hold a maximum of 5 trading positions at a time.

Only one account and one IP per person is permitted.

Trading will be enabled on the start date of competition.


All Other Competitions

The following firms are all running trading competitions in September:

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