5 Great Prop Firms with Weekly Pay-Outs (Bonus: On-demand Payouts)

weekly pay prop firms

When choosing a prop firm there are countless aspects to consider, one important area is the payout times. Those that offer weekly pay-outs are among the best options available.

Let’s say you have two great days trading on your funded account and achieve 5% profit. Some firms will require you to wait 28 further days to withdraw your profits, forcing you to either risk losing your profits or miss trading operatories.

The answer to this is simple: choose a firm with a weekly payout policy. This allows you to maximize your withdrawals, reduce personal risk and allows you to stay in the markets week on week.

Number 5 – The 5%ers Physical/Virtual Card Withdrawal

5%ers logo

Account Type: Various

First on the list is the 5%ers who are the only ones who current offer their own debit card in which you can spend your profits directly. The virtual cards are available worldwide although the physical cards are only for European traders.

Number 4 – The Concept Trading (Weekly Pay After 90% Lock Rule)

the concept trading weekly withdrawals

Account Type: Various Options

Concept Trading takes a unique approach to funding, offering a wide range of options and some incredibly high-value accounts. Consistent traders are also rewarded with fast scaling and the option to lock in at 90% profits, enabling weekly withdrawals.

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Number 3 – The Funded Trader Knights Program (Withdraw Every 7 Days From First Trade)

The FUnded Trader knights program

Account Type: Single-Phase Challenge

The Knights program is the fourth funding model released from this firm and the first single-phase option. It features a single profit target of 10% and a 6% relative drawdown. It is the only account that offers weekly payouts (other than the Kings program, more on that to come).

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Number 2 – InstantFunding (Withdraw Every 7 Days From First Trade)

Account Type: Instant Funding or Single-Phase

N.B The first payout is after 14 days, all subsequent payouts are 7 days

InstantFunding.io is a firm which caters mainly to those looking for instant funding accounts, although they do offer standard challenge models as well. Accounts start at just $79 which is great for those on a budget.

Number 1 – FunderPro (UPDATE: Now Offers Daily Payouts!)

Funderpro logo

Account Type: Two-Phase Challenge

FunderPro is one of the few firms on the list which offer live accounts as appose to demos. This ensures both the firm’s and the traders’ interests are aligned. This is also one of the few places to trade directly with Tradingview (via their platform, TradeLocker).

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Bonus #1 – The Funded Trader Kings Program (On-Demand Payments)

The FUnded Trader kings program

Are you already a consistent trader and looking for more freedom to withdraw your profits? With the Kings program, you can withdraw on-demand, even every day if you choose to! Additionally, you will receive 90% pay-outs and an 8-hour processing time on withdrawals.

To be eligible for this program, you must:

  • Have 5 consecutive withdrawals on a single account
  • Meet minimum volume requirement (30m closed per $100k)
  • Account must be positive at time of request
  • You must have followed all account rules
  • There must not be a history of risking large amounts/gambling

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Bonus #2 – FXIFY (First Pay-Out On-Demand)


This firm is on the list due to the ability to choose when to take your first withdrawal. This means you can withdraw profits on the same day you receive the funded account if you choose to!

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