GOAT Funded Trader Review – Prop Firm with up to 95% Pay Out Split!

GOAT Funded Trader

GOAT Funded Trader is a new and exciting prop firm with some great features to offer prop traders. This firm is particularly well suited for professional traders due to the scaling profit share feature which sees the profit split rise to up to 95%.

Another great aspect of this firm is the low profit targets which stand at just 8% and 5% for phases one and two respectively. This means more traders can break through into funded accounts.

In this review, we explore the benefits of this firm, how it compares with others and what types of traders it is best suited for.

Goat Funded Trader is a Verified Prop Firm.

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Overview Video

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Key benefits of GOAT Funded Trader

Every firm is created differently and therefore has its own pros and cons. In this section, we’ll take a look at what sets this firm apart from others.

High Profit Share

Traders are entitled to up to 95% of the share of the profits they generate. The initial profit split is set at 75% and rises after each payout. This is explained in detail in the pay out section later in the review.

How can they offer such a high profit split? This firm intends to copy their best traders’ trades with their own capital as well as investor capital. This method of generating revenue allows them to reward their best-performing traders with an excellent profit split.

Low Profit Targets

The profit targets for this firm match this industry leaders such as My Forex Funds and beats many others such as FTMO.

The profit target for phase one is: 8%.

The profit target for phase two is: 5%.

High Leverage

Traders have access to up to 1:100 leverage which should be sufficient for almost all strategies. See below for exact leverage rates.

Forex, Metals, Oils1:100
Crypto 1:2

Weekly Pay Outs

The wait between payouts reduces after each successful withdrawal. After receiving four withdrawals, you will be entitled to weekly payouts!

The Goat Challenge – How it Works

The challenge model offered by Goat Funded Trader follows the standard two-phase evaluation. Traders must prove their ability in an demo environment over two phases.

Phase One

Profit Target: 8%

Time Limit: 30 Days*

Phase Two

Profit Target: 5%

Time Limit: 60 Days*

*A no time limit option is expected to be released by early June.

Both Phases

Minimum Trading Days: 0

Monthly Fees: None

Max Drawdown: 10%

Max Daily Drawdown: 5%

Pricing – How Much Does it Cost to Start?

The price for each challenge is outlined below. It’s important to note that there are no monthly or additional fees required.


What Else Do I Need to Know?

There are a few more important details regarding the GOAT challenge.

  • 100% Fee Refund – The initial fee is refunded in full upon passing the challenge.
  • No Minimum Trading Days – As soon as you hit your profit target you can move on to the phase (or funded account).
  • Overall Drawdown is Static – The drawdown does not trail with profits and remains at the same level throughout the challenge.

The Rules and Restrictions

Before taking any challenge with a prop firm, it’s vital to ensure you have a full understanding of the rules and restrictions and that they are compatible with your strategy.

Goat Funded Trader has fairly relaxed rules which should suit most traders. Let’s take a look at these in detail.

Is News Trading Allowed?

Yes, news trading is allowed by this firm. Caution is advised, however, due to increased volatility.

One exception to this rule is hedging is not allowed over high-impact new events.

Are Expert Advisors Allowed?

All expert advisors are allowed with the exception of:

  • High-Frequency Trading EAs
  • EAs that use a prohibited strategy (see below)

Overnight and Weekend Holding of Trades

Overnight and Weekend holding are both allowed. The only exception to this rule is in terms of holding single-share equities into an earnings release. Full details of this are outlined in the prohibited strategies section below.

Stop Loss/Take Profit Requirements

Whilst these risk management tools are extremely helpful in building a profitable strategy, they are not required with this firm.

Prohibited Trading Strategies

Most traders will not need to worry about this rule as it mainly focuses on traders who try to cheat the system such as exploiting vulnerabilities in the Metatrader console.

One area which is important to note, however, is the rule on holding single-share equities into an earnings release. The rule is as follows (quoted from Goat funded trader website):

Hold a Single Share Equity CFD position into an earnings release pertaining to that underlying equity. To avoid being in breach of this rule, you must close all such Single Share Equity CFD positions by 3:50 pm Eastern Time on the day of the release, if an aftermarket release, or on the preceding day, if a before market open release. Violation of this rule will constitute an immediate, hard breach of your account and any gain or loss on said position will be removed from any profit calculations

Faq – Goat Funded Trader

To read this rule in full click here.


If an account remains inactive for more than 30 days, it will be considered breached.

Broker and Platforms Information

The partnered broker for Goat Funded Trader is Think Markets.

This broker offers zero commissions and an average FX spread of 1.2.

You can check out Think Markets here.

As for platforms, traders may choose between Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5.

Getting Paid – Profits Split and Withdrawal Information

Let’s go over how the Goat profit split system works.

  • First Payout – 75% profit share, available 30 days after placing the first trade.
  • Second Payout 80% profit share, available 14 days after the previous payout.
  • Third Payout – 85% profit share, available 14 days after the previous payout.
  • Fourth Payout – 90% profit share, available 14 days after the previous payout.
  • Fith Payout (and beyond) – 90% – 95%* profit share, available every 7 days.

*In order to obtain a 95% profit share, approval is needed by the management team. The prerequisite to this is you must have achieved at least 4% profit each month for 4 consecutive months.

Withdrawals are processed within 72 hours and the minimum amount for withdrawal is set at $50.

How does GOAT Funded Trader Compare with Other Prop Firms?

GOAT Funded Trader vs FTMO

Both of these firms offer similar challenges. FTMO have been around for a long time and have stuck to the two-phase challenge model. Let’s explore the key differences between these firms.

Goat Funded TraderFTMO
Profit Targets8% / 5%10% / 5%
Time Limits30 Days / 60 Days*30 Days / 60 Days*
Max Drawdown10%10%
Daily Drawdown5%5%
News TradingYesRestricted
Expert AdvisorsYesYes
Minimum Trading Days010 per phase
$100k Challenge Cost$515540 Euros
* No time limit option expected soon.

The verdict: Goat Funded Trader offers more relaxed trading rules with a lower profit target. Traders are able to get funded much faster with Goat Funded Trader due to the no minimum trading days. FTMO are also slightly more expensive. Goat Funded Trader takes the win!

GOAT Funded Trader vs My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds is a large prop firm which offers a standard two-phase evaluation model. Here are the differences between these firms:

Goat Funded TraderMy Forex Funds
Profit Targets8% / 5%8% / 5%
Time Limits30 Days / 60 Days*30 Days / 60 Days
Max Drawdown10%12%
Daily Drawdown5%5%
News TradingYesYes
Expert AdvisorsYesYes
Minimum Trading Days05 per phase
$100k Challenge Cost$515$499
* No time limit option expected soon.

The Verdict: Both firms offer similar challenges. My Forex Funds have a slightly larger drawdown whilst Goat Funded Trader offers zero trading days and soon no time limits. It’s a draw!

How to Get Started with GOAT Funded Trader

Beginning a challenge with this firm is easy. Simply follow these steps and you will be up and running in no time.

Step One – Head to Goat Funded Trader and select your desired challenge.

Step Two – Pay for your challenge using a credit/debit card, crypto or PayPal. Don’t forget to use the code “PT10” for a 10% discount.

Step Three – Receive your trading credentials within 24 hours of payment. Download the MetaTrader platform.

Step Four – Begin your challenge!

Final Thoughts

This firm has a lot of potential. They are coming into the industry with the goal of finding profitable traders to copy as appose to just taking fees. This model allows them to offer traders some fantastic benefits such as an incredibly high profit share.

The rules should suit most traders and the prices are in line with competitors. Their broker, Thiink Markets, has a great reputation and should give traders great trade execution.

We are going to keep an eye on this firm and will keep the community updated with any updates.

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