Limited-Time Advertising Package (No Longer In Use)

This promotional package is no longer in use.

Please see here for updated version

This package is designed to give an enhanced introduction to your prop firm or service in our community. It includes the following:

Standard Package

  • 5000 Banner Impressions – A mixture of placements including side-bar, homepage and in/before/after content. We are happy to work with most sizes/dimensions, however, for the sidebar, tower ads work the best. For other placements, square and horizontal ads are optimal.
  • Placement into our Verified Prop Firm List – This will include permanent placement into our verified prop firm list, as long as the business continues to meet the trust metrics.
  • One Email Send to All Current Subscribers – We can provide or send your content. We have a very responsive list with open rates as high as 40%. We currently have around 1200 members.
  • One Follow-Up Email after 14 Days – Again, are happy to provide the content or use your content.
  • One Post to our Facebook Group by Admin – Our closed Facebook group has around 11,500 members. The post will give members an overview of the firm, its pros and cons and a link to the website.

Enhanced Package

  • Additions into Email Automation Chain – This adds the above email into a chain which will be sent to all new email subscribers after x days. This will remain on the list for a minimum of 1 year. The list is growing at a rate of 300-400/month and this is expected to rise as the traffic does.
  • Additional 5000 Banner Impressions – Same as above.
  • Addition to Web/Mobile Apps – We will update our comparison apps to include all challenges your firm provides.
  • 14 Days as “Featured Prop Firm” – This is visible on the homepage.


With both packages, upon completion, you will receive a detailed report outlining how each aspect of the package performed. We will also be happy to work with you to explore further options in regard to a continuous advertising arrangement.

Pricing and Payment

For the “Standard” package, the price is £149.

For the “Enhanced” package, the price is £229.

To help expedite the process please complete the payment with the button below. For alternative options, feel free to reach out to