The 5%ers New Program – High-Risk Challenge (Two-Phse)

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The 5%ers have decided to release their take on the standard two-phase challenge. This challenge comes with a few unique features, however.

For one, this account comes with a fixed monthly salary, after proving your ability. Here are the specifications given by the 5%ers:


  • Leverage 1:100
  • Max. Trading Period on step 1 starts with the opening of the first trade or after 2 weeks from registration, whatever happens first.
  • A profitable day is a day on which the closed positions made a positive profit* of at least 0.5% of the initial balance. *The positive profit is calculated as follows: Minimum(Midnight Balance, Midnight Equity) – Previous Day Balance
  • Daily loss is 5% of the starting equity of the day OR the starting balance of the day (the highest between them) at 5PM EST or 00:00 UTC+3 (Server time).
  • 1 free 10-day extension to phase 1 if the account is positive 5% or more
  • 1 free reset if the account is positive and not terminated.
  • When completing Step 1, traders will have the option to receive HUB credits for future internal purchases.
  • When completing Step 2, traders will receive a refund for their payment.
  • Holding trades overnight and over the weekend is allowed
  • Holding open trades over news is allowed. Executing orders 2 minutes before until 2 minutes after high-impact news news is not allowed.
  • Assets available: FX, Metals, Indices.
  • Platform: Mt5 Hedge.
  • Profit split: 80% to 100%. + monthly salary.
  • Holding indices over the weekend is allowed but carries a high swap.
  • Maximum number of active accounts per trader: 1
  • Scaling up to $500,000
  • First payout 14 days after receiving a funded account, and every 2 weeks after that.
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