WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Tradiac Giveaway – Plus Exclusive Discount!

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I want to extend a massive thanks to Michael Buchbinder and the rest of the team at Tradiac for sponsoring this giveaway. Many of our members do not come from first-world countries, and a challenge’s cost is sometimes unreachable.

For these members specifically, a free challenge account can be life-changing and give the trader a real shot at breaking into the industry.

We wish every winner the best of luck with their challenge.

Extra Discount Available

For the month of January, our usual discount of 10% has been upgraded to 15% off! This is a great chance to get your account with Tradiac.

Promo Code: PTC15

About Tradiac

Tradiac is a prop firm launched in 2022 to find skilled traders to eventually help manage capital for their partnered hedge fund.

One unique feature about Tradiac is the option to increase the max/daily drawdown. They made number one in our list 5 Prop Firms with the Highest Drawdown Allowance (Up to 30% Overall DD).

Another great aspect of this firm is the ability to save your scaling progress, giving you a real opportunity to reach that 7-figure AuM. You can read more about that here: Keep your Progress Scaling to $1,000,000 Funded Account [Tradiac Series #3]

If you would like a broader overview of this firm, check out our full review here.

The Giveaway and the Winners

Over the past 5/6 weeks, our members have been putting their names forward for the giveaway and helping to share both Prop Traders Club and Tradiac communities. Now that effort is going to be rewarded for 12 lucky winners!

Initially, there were 5 prizes to be won, although the team at Tradiac offered extra accounts for passing 250 entries and 500 entries. We smashed it with 1321 entries altogether! Therefore these are the prizes being awarded:

  • 10 x $10,000 Tradiac Challenges
  • 2 x $20,000 Tradiac Challenges

With a due, here are the winners:

Account WonNameEmail
$20,000 Tradiac ChallengeAshish Motghareashi********
$20,000 Tradiac ChallengeHeng Yew Booninfo*******
$10,000 Tradiac ChallengeAhmed Mahmoud El-behairy
$10,000 Tradiac ChallengeAlabede Idowu Oluwasegunala*******
$10,000 Tradiac ChallengeDiana Iordandid*****
$10,000 Tradiac ChallengeSvaar Karsva*****
$10,000 Tradiac ChallengeIan OakesFilth******
$10,000 Tradiac ChallengeKingsley Emmanuel20p******
$10,000 Tradiac ChallengeAlexander Bernd Buschalex******
$10,000 Tradiac ChallengeEddie Chansaeddi****
$10,000 Tradiac ChallengeMulindwa George Hermanhe******
$10,000 Tradiac ChallengePaul Rautenbachpaulra*********

How to Claim

All winners will be contacted by email. In order to claim your account, follow these steps:

Each person who wins should complete the first phase of signing up with Tradiac (when you get to the payment page you can stop there, and then send an email to, Tradiac will then go ahead and create the account.

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